Scott Mercer Prayer Letter: Adding to Our Family

Scott Mercer Prayer Letter:  Adding to Our FamilyWe are so excited to introduce you to our second daughter Kelsey Joy! Kelsey was born on September 2,
2013; she weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20½ inches long. Kristi went in for a normal doctor’s
appointment, and after an ultrasound the doctor said that she needed to do an immediate C-section due to a low amount of amniotic fluid. Unbeknownst to us or the doctor, Kelsey’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. We thank God that He guided the doctor to do a C-section, saving Kelsey’s life.

When Kelsey was born, she was immediately admitted to NICU, because she had swallowed too much amniotic fluid, which gave her pneumonia. She spent nine days in the hospital. The antibiotics did their job, and she recovered and was able to come home.

Kristi has completely recovered, and we are now adjusting to life as a family of four. Khloe just loves her younger sister. She tells everyone she meets that Kelsey is so cute. We thank God for giving us our children and allowing us to rear them in Thailand.

This month we met a pastor who oversees an orphanage on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. He has 43 children and not enough help to take care of them. They are underfed and lack adequate necessities to live a normal life. We had the privilege of visiting the orphanage with Pastor Bosje. Our hearts were  broken. Our team gave them rice and money to buy twenty chickens so the children can have eggs. Not only were these children rejected by their parents, but they live with almost none of the things that we enjoy on a daily basis. I would like for each of you to pray as we continue to help this orphanage and possibly start our own someday. It would be a huge commitment and require a lot of staff, but it is a huge need and a passion of mine.

We had a great month in ministry this month. We had our second biggest day in our church’s existence, with 162 people. The best part was that it was without promotion. People are coming, trusting Christ, and growing in grace. Kristi and I were able to see 7 people accept Christ this month through soul winning. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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