Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter: Great Vacation Bible School and Youth Rally“But the word of God grew and multiplied.” (Acts 12:24) These last two months have been encouraging, as we have seen a returning to the “good ol’ days” before the pandemic.

Due to restrictions being lessened in our area, we have eventually gotten back to regular seating in our building, and rarely does anyone appear in a mask for our services. Many of our children have now been able to return to Sunday school and Junior Churches. It has made every Sunday a joy, as we are getting back to full attendances with people baptized nearly every Sunday. In the last 2 months, we have seen 44 baptized. Our Thursday and Saturday soul-winning times are getting back to full strength, and we are seeing many saved. We often see around 100 saved on a typical Thursday night now when the public is gathering in our parks and boulevards.

Our college continues its mission to train those called to the ministry. I have enjoyed teaching classes on the doctrines of the church and last events, practical Christian principles, and an advanced course on how to study the Bible. We anticipate three graduating in June and several new students in the new academic year starting in August.

A real blessing was being able to have Vacation Bible School for elementary children and a Teen Rally in May for the first time in 3 years due to the pandemic. God opened a brief window of time when we could squeeze both into a 2-week period before public schools began face-to-face classes. Our people worked as a great team and showed great dedication and energy. Our 5-day VBS grew each day until just over 800 children attended 20 separate neighborhood gatherings on Friday. During the week, we saw 675 children make the decision to trust in Christ as their personal Saviour. Our teens had a 3-day Teen Rally with the theme “Established.” They enjoyed a lot of preaching, with some fun activities mixed in. It was wonderful to see God at work, as teens struggled and surrendered to let God establish the path of their lives. God still blesses the Spirit-filled preaching of His Word!

While we know that things can change quickly, we are all very encouraged that our people have been faithful during a long season of restrictions, and now we are seeing a return to the fruitfulness we once enjoyed.

Thank you for your faithful support during these trying times. Keep praying that we can reap a great harvest before the Lord returns!

Your co-laborer in the Philippines,

Scott Christiansen