Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter - Fruit to Your AccountThe past few months have been very fruitful ones here at International Baptist Church of Dumaguete City. As I write this letter, I am thinking how the fruit we have seen here would not have been possible without your investments of prayer and finances. “Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” (Philippians 4:17)

The Fruit of a Healthy Church

We are seeing the fruit that comes from a healthy church being fed the Word of God. In the months of September through November, our church ministries have seen 1,976 saved and 51 baptized. It is a joy to see our members growing and becoming more involved in the work of the ministry. Everything from seeing prayer answered to singing in the choir to leading primary church shows the fruit of spiritual growth in our dear people. Our missions conference in September was well attended and resulted in more Filipino missionaries being supported and decisions being made by our people regarding reaching the world. This fruit is on your account.

The Fruit of Discipleship

We are seeing the fruit that comes from the discipling of our college students. I have been busy teaching classes in Baptist history, biblical standards, exposing the cults, and Genesis. Our students are growing in academics, in Bible knowledge, and in doctrinal convictions. However, the most encouraging growth is happening as our students minister with people and their needs every week.

Mico, one of our students, went to his home city during a short holiday break in late October. While there, he witnessed to his 59-year-old uncle who gladly received Christ. The very next day, this uncle died from a sudden heart attack! The family asked Mico to conduct the funeral, and he was able to see 54 family members, neighbors, and friends of his family saved! Mico was reached by one of our college students four years ago, and to see the fruit God has wrought in his life makes us rejoice. This fruit is on your account.

One of our church members received the tragic news in late October that her adult son had been murdered in our city, shot nine times while eating at an outdoor restaurant. I was able to help one of our senior college students, Mel, conduct the funeral and provide comfort to the family. As a result, over 17 people trusted Christ as their Saviour. Soon Mel will be graduating and going out to serve the Lord. This is fruit to your account.

Thanksgiving was spent with other team members as we counted our blessings being missionaries in such a fruitful place. I even baked cherry and blueberry fruit pies! Thank you for praying for me as I adjust to living alone during the holidays. I am grateful I get to see more fruit that is also credited to Debbie’s account. God is good all the time! May our Lord give you a fruitful and blessed new year in 2017.

Yours for souls,

Scott Christiansen

God blessed Mel (on left) as he ministered during his first funeral.