Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: We Have a Meeting Place!Jehovah-Jireh! The Lord has provided our meeting place! After several weeks of wondering if we would ever secure an affordable meeting place, once again, the Lord has come through. We have secured about 800 square feet of office space for classrooms, a nursery, and a small chapel and another 1,000 square feet of lobby space for our main auditorium. After having had a few different negotiations fall through, the realtor told me that the owner would like to, “Meet with me for coffee to talk story (to chat).” I gladly obliged and was able to meet with him and take some backup with me in Pastor Rafael Soto and Pastor Wayne Surface. After a few minutes of sharing our vision in starting the church, the owner shared with us his testimony of salvation. He basically said that he was excited for a church to meet in his building—he considered it a way for him to give back to the Lord. We are able to have the lobby indefinitely, but the office space will only be available until October of next year. Please keep this matter in prayer.

We have started to get our Grand Opening Gospel invitations designed, as well as our regular Gospel tracts. Our goal is to have 25,000 invitations ready to be distributed by July 29, with our Grand Opening set for August 25. I am so excited to begin saturating the communities of Mililani, Wahiawa, Waipio, and Whitmore Village with the Gospel. I am not sure how long it has been since these communities have had the Gospel delivered to their doorsteps, but I am pumped to begin. We will also be strategically about two miles from the large Schofield Army Base. Pray for us as we look to be a witness to these military families.

We are excited to have the Troy Baptist Temple with us for a missions trip in a few weeks. They have graciously provided some personalized John and Romans and will be helping us to distribute those, as well as our Gospel invites. I pray we are a blessing to them in showing them our beautiful island, as well as showing them the need for more Gospel witness throughout the Pacific.

While I don’t always understand God’s timing in things, I do understand His timing is best. With that being said, please keep this matter of this new church birth in your prayers, as well as the birth of our fourth son, who is due the first week of September. From past experience, I know the Devil desires to sabotage and hinder the establishment of this church. Please pray that the Devil and his demons will be bound and that Rock Point Baptist Church will get firmly established on the Rock, Jesus Christ, on the rock of Oahu.

Although we have not officially started the church yet, we have been very busy and involved in soul-winning ministries. Through camps, personal evangelism, and school preaching opportunities, we’ve seen around a dozen souls come to Christ. Praise the Lord!


The Marasco Family

Praise Report and Prayer Requests

• The Lord has provided a meeting place!!!!!!!!!!
• We saw several saved this report period. Please pray for their growth.
• Pray for our family and neighbors to come to know Christ.
• Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people at the new church plant.
• Pray for us to be soul-conscious, and pray that God’s power will be evident in our lives.
• Pray for God to supply the items needed for the upcoming church plant: tracts and start-up Gospel invites. The cost for these is approximately $2,000.00. Shipping is approximately half of the cost.