Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  Super Saturday Soul WinningThe first Saturday in September, we had our first church-wide Super Saturday Soul Winning. We were encouraged that four other families joined ours in going out into our community and sharing the Gospel. We were thankful that a soldier received Christ that day, and several people heard the Gospel. We had several first-time visitors the next day in church.

One of the highlights this fall was Harvest Sunday, which we had on October 20. We planned a special day where we would have food and fun activities after the service. It was neat to see everyone in our church get involved and excited to be a part. It was a team effort. God blessed us with our highest attendance so far of 67, and 5 souls received Christ as their Saviour.

God has blessed us with visitors in every service we’ve had so far and even some on Wednesday evenings. We are very busy with following up on visitors. We are thankful that we have seen many come to the Lord these past two months in church services, going door to door, and during follow-up visits. We’ve had several people in our church ask us to mentor them and teach them how they can lead someone to the Lord. That’s what it’s all about!

Another highlight was our first baptismal service. Shenandoah got saved our first Sunday. She got baptized, along with a soldier named Garret I had the privilege of leading to the Lord and another soldier named Adam, who got saved after church a few weeks ago. We are still meeting in a lobby and don’t have a baptistry, so after our morning service, we all went to the world’s largest baptistry—the Pacific Ocean. It was a special time sharing the testimonies of those saved, explaining baptism, and having a picnic afterwards.

We were privileged to have Evangelist Todd Monaghan here for a few weeks. He was able to come with me and teach several P.E. and chapel classes at Friendship Christian School. Several young people trusted Christ at their Saviour. Krista mentioned to Tammy, the wife of Sergeant Ski in our church, that Bro. Todd would use his background in MMA fighting to teach the kids different self-defense moves; then he would preach the Gospel. Tammy immediately thought of the combative training for the soldiers at their military base. Tammy made a phone call and somehow managed to get Bro. Todd on the Schofield Army Base early the next morning to teach combative training during P.T. We started praying that night that Bro. Todd would have the opportunity to give the Gospel. When we got there the next day, there were 25 soldiers in the combative class. Bro. Todd was able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. Afterwards, 13 soldiers raised their hands indicating they had received Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord! We were also able to give them all an invitation to church.

We are thoroughly enjoying our discipleship class on Wednesday evenings. We had eight people graduate from the first level of discipleship, which is a four-week program. We are continuing with the second level, and I’m encouraged at the faithfulness of our families to attend and their eagerness to grow. A few of the people who have completed the first level are now discipling others. That’s what it’s all about too!

Garrett, the solder who was recently saved and baptized, and his wife Morgan just had their first baby named Bennett. He arrived 5 months early and weighs just under 2 pounds. If you would pray for Baby Bennett, we would appreciate it.

In our last letter, we requested prayer for our neighbors and family to get saved. Bro. Todd was able to lead our neighbor across the street, Mr. Holtz, to the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for more of them to be saved.

God is doing big things in Central Oahu, and we are thankful to be along, riding God’s wave. We give Him all the praise for what He has done these last few months. Thank you for your prayers and support. We couldn’t be here without you.

The Marasco Family

Praise Report and Prayer Requests

· Praising the Lord for many souls saved!
· Please pray for Baby Bennett.
· Please pray for the growth of those recently saved.
· Pray for more of our family and neighbors to come to know Christ.