Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  Sowing for a HarvestWe are thankful for the smooth delivery of our third son. Kanaan Kealoha Dayton Marasco was born on February 15, 2015. Krista and the baby are both doing very well. Sammy and Karson are proving to be great and protective sons/big brothers of both their mother and new brother. I am a thankful husband of a wonderful wife and three strapping young boys. Praise the Lord!

Some more exciting news came a few days later, as we were notified that the Pacific Baptist Church, which we helped start, chose to take us on for support, so that is an extra blessing. We are excited to continue to partner in ministry with them and to bear fruit to their account.

While we head to Arizona in just a few short days to help establish the South Hills Baptist Church, we would ask that you pray for us as we knock several thousands of doors and in our soul-winning efforts. There is nothing more that the Devil would like than to thwart the progress of the planting of another Bible-preaching church.

We have found that the Lord has typically brought a team of folks together as these churches have been started, and we are excited to see how the Lord brings things all together. Just recently while knocking doors in Indiana, I met a Filipino lady who had family in Hilo, was visiting her sister in Indiana, and lived in Arizona. She willingly gave me her contact information, so we look forward to visiting her when we get to Arizona. The Grand Opening service is March 29.

Recently we were able to see 4 saved and 3 baptized. Last month I was able to teach church planting in a Church Education class, as well as Faith Promise in a 21st century missions class. I was also privileged to preach and present our ministry of church planting to the student body of Hyles-Anderson College. It was exciting to make an initial contact with several prospective church planters. I am reminded of Acts 1:8 where Christ commands His church to be witnesses in four places simultaneously: Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost. If you are looking for any church planters to support in any of these four areas, please contact us, and we will be happy to refer some to you.


Sam, Krista, Sammy, Karson, and Kanaan Marasco