Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  So Grateful for Intercessory PrayerA lot has transpired in our lives the last couple of months, and it is always reassuring to know we have great churches, family, and friends praying for us. I’m reminded of a quote I heard, “There is no greater gift that you can give a person than to pray for them.” Intercessory prayer is going to God in prayer on behalf of another. What a great concept. I desire to be a friend like that myself.

The second week of March, we were notified that my grandpa had advanced to Heaven. I love that the Word of God gives encouragement; in that, when the time comes and a believer gets to Heaven, we will have glorified bodies. My grandpa had been in a nursing home for the last two years, and it was so hard to watch his once robust body decline in health. My grandpa was the primary father figure in my life and the hardest working man I’ve ever known. I promised my grandmother that I would go back to Spirit Lake, Iowa, and preach the funeral whenever the time came. Rocky and I flew out to be with family and to help conduct the funeral and celebration of my grandfather’s life. We remembered great times together with my grandpa . . . so many of them. We cried, we laughed, and I preached from II Samuel 12:23 where David lost his loved one and made the statement to those around him that “I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” Of course, I could only preach something like that confidently knowing that my grandpa had trusted Christ as his personal Saviour and actually was in Heaven. I encouraged the crowd of loved ones and friends that they, too, could know they would see my grandpa again in Heaven if they would acknowledge their sin and need for the Saviour. We rejoiced that day as, when the invitation was given, there were about a half dozen souls who raised their hands indicating they called on Christ in prayer to save them, including some immediate family. Please pray for these to find a good Bible-preaching church for their growth.

When we got back home, we commenced the building search once again. God has answered prayer; in that, we have ruled out several meeting places either by cost prohibitions or just plain noes by the authorities. I’ve looked at a conference room, a lobby, a stand-alone building that would need well into $50K worth of work done to it. I’ve looked into 8 public schools that all have churches meeting in them except for 2, and those 2 do not have custodians that are willing to open up on Sundays. I’ve called on several office and retail spaces, as well as industrial areas like we started in back in Hilo. Although not my first preference, I’ve even looked into a couple of movie theaters in the general area we believe the Lord would have us. These also have churches in them. Please keep in mind these are not doctrinally like-minded churches. The large majority of these would be of the charismatic persuasion and teach that one receives the Holy Ghost during another event after salvation. I do have an offer in negotiation right now for some office space in the town of Pearl City. Please pray that the Lord would make clear to me the location where He would have us. I should have some answers regarding this space in the next week or so.

We had an exciting Easter helping in evangelism with two different churches. We knocked on several hundred doors for a special music and Gospel presentation for Ohana Baptist Church on Saturday night, as well as a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. We also knocked several hundred doors on the east side of the island in helping the Kai Point Baptist Church for Easter Sunday. That morning I was able to lead a visitor named A.J. to Christ.

Another blessing and harvest of souls came with the opportunity to preach for chapel at Friendship Christian School. After chapel, I was able to personally lead two young men, Zanden and Derrick, to Christ. Please pray for the growth of these young men as well.
We are settled into our home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, which is on the West side of Pearl Harbor. Please contact me if you need our new field mailing address.


The Marasco Family

Praise Report and Prayer Requests

• We saw several saved this report period. Please pray for their growth.
• We received generous gifts toward our church chairs and start-up costs.
• Pray for our family and neighbors to come to know Christ.
• Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people at the new church plant and for the meeting place the Lord has for us.
• Pray for us to be soul-conscious, and pray that God’s power will be evident in our lives.
• Pray for God to supply the items needed for the upcoming church plant: tracts and start-up Gospel invites.