Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: On the Road AgainGreetings from Kansas. Since we have started traveling, God’s grace has been like wind in our sails. He has blessed us with awesome meetings in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, and Kansas these past two months.

We were able to see 6 saved, including 2 young men who were trying to sell $6 candy bars outside of a store. I was with my sons, Sammy and Rocky, and Sammy asked me what they were doing. I told him that they were selling expensive candy bars, and he said, “Dad, do you think they were saved?” I grabbed some change out of my car and said, “Let’s go find out.” We donated some money to their cause, and I asked if we could share some Bible verses with them. They both ended up getting saved. Praise God!

In addition to this exciting news, we are happy to report that we had 6 new supporters and have reached 61% actual support this past month.

Prayer Requests

• Please pray for us, as we will be traveling to quite a few states these next few months; pray for traveling mercies and that we will be a blessing to the churches we visit.
• Please pray for us to be soul-conscious, and pray that God’s power will be evident in our lives.
• Please pray for schooling for the boys. We will be homeschooling Sammy (first grade) and Rocky (K-5) this year.
• Please pray for items needed for the upcoming church plant: tracts, start-up brochures, a set of Lord’s Supper trays for juice and bread, chairs, songbooks, an electric piano, and two quality microphones (a lapel and a hand-held). We will be shipping a 40-foot container to transport these items, a few personal items, and a vehicle.

Thank you for your investment and partnership. We have the best missions family, and we are praying for you.


The Marasco Family