Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Praising the Lord for Souls Saved!Greetings from the state of Washington! Right off the bat, we want to praise the Lord for the souls that were saved during our travels the last several weeks. We were able to share the Gospel probably about a dozen times and recorded 6 who put their faith in Christ alone and called upon the Lord to save them.

One of those testimonies came while out door knocking in Missouri. After we had already knocked several doors without much excitement, I came to the last door on the street. A young Army veteran, who is currently in the Reserves, came out, and I was able to have a great conversation with him. We chatted about the situation in North Korea, and then he brought up the end times. Corey had a Catholic background, and I asked him if anybody had ever shown him from the Bible how he could know he could spend eternity in Heaven. He listened intently for nearly 30 minutes, and then he called upon the Lord to save Him. Please pray that Corey would come to church and grow in the Lord—he said that he would.

In the last several weeks, we have been at some exciting Faith Promise Missions Conferences and meetings in Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We had three new supporting churches this month, we are over 61% of our needed support goal, and we have another half a dozen churches that are committed to supporting our ministry. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

• Please pray for us, as we will be traveling to quite a few states these next few months. Pray for traveling mercies, and pray that we will be a blessing to the churches we visit.
• Please pray for us to be soul-conscious, and pray that God’s power will be evident in our lives.
• Please pray for schooling for the boys. We will be homeschooling Sammy (first grade) and Rocky (K-5) this year.
• Please pray for items needed for the upcoming church plant: tracts, start-up brochures, a set of Lord’s Supper trays for juice and bread, chairs, songbooks, an electric piano, and two quality microphones (a lapel and a hand-held). We will be shipping a 40-foot container to transport these items, a few personal items, and a vehicle.
• Please also be in prayer for our future meeting place, preferably a permanent building.

Thank you for your investment and partnership. We are praying for our supporting churches as well.


The Marasco Family