Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: New Church Plant in Michigan in SeptemberTime has flown by, as we are officially over the halfway mark of 2016. We started off the month of June in Virginia, preaching and presenting our ministry of church planting with fellow church planter, Marc Deloach. It was encouraging to see the work the Lord is doing at this exciting church in such a multi-cultural area.

After a good meeting in Virginia, I personally flew to San Diego to meet with a small group of believers about the possibility of restarting a church in the Poway region. There is such a great need for churches in the Southwest of the United States and also the San Diego region. Please pray that God would raise up a pastor, as this group has an incredible deal worked out to rent a public school for services.

On June 18, Krista and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. I am very thankful for the godly wife and mother the Lord allowed me to marry. We were able to spend a day in Chicago, where we rode the water taxi and tried to find the spot I proposed to her near the Chicago River. Thank you for the nice cards and well wishes that were sent, as well as for your ongoing prayer for our family.

Our journeys then took us to Stockton, Missouri, for a week, where I was able to see my former boss and mentor, Dr. Darrell Moore, as well as preach to the boys at this boys’ home several times at this incredible ministry. My two oldest boys and I were able to go horseback riding with my college roommate and now ranch manager, Riley Olson. We had a great time catching up and seeing old friends being used of God. The highlight of this trip was seeing a young man named Dewayne receive Christ as his personal Saviour during the invitation after preaching in chapel. Please pray for Dewayne to let the Lord have His way in his life. There is such potential for these young men to be used by God, with nearly 100 students at this ranch.

After a quick, healthy bite at McDonald’s, we were on our way out the door, and Krista stopped to talk to a lady who was sitting at a picnic table. Krista gave her a Gospel tract and told her that the back of it explained from the Bible how one could know they were going to Heaven when they died. Jennifer’s eyes filled with tears as she told Krista, “You are never gonna believe this. I was just sitting here praying that if God was real, He would show Himself to me.” After several minutes of explaining God’s sacrificial love by dying on the cross for our sins, Jennifer bowed her head with Krista outside McDonald’s and prayed to receive Christ as her Saviour. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for several requests as we gear up to help with the launching of the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hastings, Michigan, which will be pastored by Pete Petersen. Bro. Petersen’s reproducing church is the Battle Creek Baptist Temple, pastored by Lyle Dye. The start date of this new church is slated for September 18, 2016. We have made a survey trip up there with Bro. Petersen and are excited to start helping with the Gospel distribution once the materials are printed. Please pray for our fruitfulness in soul winning and that we can make a major impact with the Gospel in this town through this new local church. Some of the current needs for this church plant are a P.A. system (microphones, etc.) and money or help with visitor cards, offering envelopes, giveaway pens, as well as good songbooks. If you would like to be a part of the Gospel-distribution of this new church plant, please let me know.


The Marasco Family