Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  God-Given OpportunitiesMore Added to Heaven

I am thankful for the privilege of being in the work of the Lord. We have had some tremendous blessings and opportunities the last couple of months. The church in San Tan Valley continues to move forward, and they plan to receive some new members by baptism in the next couple of weeks.

While out door knocking one Saturday afternoon, I met a man who was looking for a pastor or priest to open up the Girls’ Softball League opening ceremonies with a word of prayer and blessing. I told the man that I used to be a pastor and that I was a priest because I had been saved and believed I had direct access to God through Jesus Christ. He encouraged me to give a brief challenge from the Bible as well. The next Saturday morning, my family and I went to the park to the ceremony, and I was able to present the Gospel to several hundred softball-playing girls and their families, as well as invite them to the new church plant. I led in a prayer of invitation for salvation, and several dozen people raised their hands indicating they had asked Jesus to save them from Hell. Praise the Lord for the opportunity!

Another salvation opportunity came while out canvassing for the new church. A mobile mechanic was out working on a vehicle. I gave him an invitation to church, and he began to ask many questions about it. After 30 minutes or so, he put his faith and trust in Christ for salvation.

Some of the post blessings of a church plant come after the church has officially started while making follow-up visits on those who came to church. It is encouraging to make these follow-up visits, realizing you were the one who left the initial invitation in their door, and they came.

Probably the highlight of this church plant was something that happened while getting to visit Pastor and Mrs. Mike Moffitt on a Monday afternoon. Our oldest son Sammy is going through a curiosity stage where he asks a million questions per day. A lot of those questions have to do about God and how strong He is. He was excited to know that God is stronger than everybody, including the Incredible Hulk. After about an hour’s ride up to North Phoenix to see the Moffitts and explaining the Gospel to our inquisitive son, Sammy asked if we would pray with him and help him ask Jesus to save Him. When we ask Sammy about salvation, he tells us that he prayed and asked Jesus to save him outside at “Brodder” Moffitt’s house. Glory to God!

We have officially helped to start our fifth church in the United States. We will be locating to St. Louis, Missouri, the middle of August to help kick off the Ambassador Baptist Church with Pastor Tracy Nix, starting September 20. Please pray for God’s blessing and power and for another Gospel-preaching station to be established in this needy area. We have 2 more church plants confirmed and booked for Central California and Oahu, Hawaii.


The Marasco Family