Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  Fruitful MultiplicationHappy New Year as we enter 2015 full steam. Thank you for the kind birthday cards for my wife and Sammy, as well as for the delightful Christmas cards from many. The last two months brought a lot of travelling and reporting back to some of our wonderful supporting churches, as well as some new ones. I was able to preach and teach on missions and church planting on several different occasions. One of those opportunities included teaching a church-planting class at Hyles-Anderson College.

We are gearing up and helping Krista prepare the nest for our new addition, which is due February 17. We have narrowed it down to about three name options so far. A couple weeks later, we will be on our way to Arizona to launch the church on March 29. We are on schedule with all of the preliminaries and will begin knocking doors just as soon as we confirm the meeting place and can order the brochures. Please pray that all goes smoothly in our labors and deliveries.

We did a whole lot of tract distribution through our travels the last few months in various states. The highlights are always when the opportunities come to give the Gospel and to see someone trust Christ as Saviour. We were able to see 7 souls ask Christ to save them this report period, including a couple of ladies who walked an aisle during the invitation after preaching one Sunday. Please pray for a Chinese man named Chun who was given the Gospel while out soul winning with our missions director, Dr. Mark Bosje. Chun was a college student from China who was given the Gospel and literally needed to be taught what the definition of sin was. After explaining thoroughly and introducing Him to Christ, he responded that he needed some time to take it all in. Please pray that he takes it into his heart literally before it is too late.

I am sometimes amazed at the need for the Gospel in our own country. I am reminded of the statement Dr. Bob Larson recently quoted to me regarding missions. He said, “Missions is people, not geography.”

As Paul requested in I Thessalonians 5:25, “Brethren, pray for us.” Please pray for us in several instances: (1) safe and healthy delivery for Krista and our new baby boy, (2) wisdom regarding the procurement of a tow-behind travel trailer, as well as a generator, (3) God’s leading and wisdom regarding a meeting place for the new church, (4) receptiveness to the Gospel and our invitations to the community, and (5) Satan to be bound and God to do the supernatural in establishing a new local church for His honor and glory.

We love and appreciate you all. It is a privilege to represent you for the cause of Christ and the furtherance of the Gospel.


Sam, Krista, Sammy, Karson, and ? Marasco