Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  First Faith Promise Missions ConferenceDear Brethren,

Greetings from the Orchid Isle. We are well into the New Year with an exciting start.

The first part of December, we had our first Faith Promise Missions Conference. I have tried to lead and explain to our folks the importance of being witnesses not only in our Jerusalem but also in Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost as well, according to Acts 1:8. The only way I know how to be obedient to this is by the grace of God through Faith Promise missions giving. This month we were able to send our first set of support checks to missionaries in America, Brazil, Cambodia, and a worldwide missionary. Praise the Lord!

While we rejoice in the support of new missionaries, our church folks have been taught that I am also a supported missionary and that the goal eventually is to be a self-supporting church of their own. They also have been taught, and I reiterate often, that Faith Promise Missions is above and beyond their tithes and offerings and is also a separate budget from our church general account.
With all that being said, we are still only able to be here by the grace of God and by the generous giving of our supporters. It is also our goal to start many more churches in the future, Lord willing.

\During the second week of January, I also led our folks in a corporate First Fruits fast. The idea was to set aside the first part of the New Year and give it solely to the Lord in prayer and fasting. It was a very sweet time, with some breakthroughs and answered prayer.

On February 21, we had a Sweetheart Banquet for our couples. We had 25 attend this very helpful meeting in which we were privileged to have Pastor and Mrs. Skip Woodfin from Koolau Baptist Church on Oahu. We were challenged by Pastor Woofins very helpful and practical teaching on how lovebirds make their relationship work for a lifetime. We also had a split session in which the men and women received special attention and instruction. We all know the women need all they can get.

In closing, please pray for us as we travel to Oahu in a few weeks. We will be putting a grave marker on my dad’s burial plot. Please pray that we can be a witness to others, including family. Please pray for direction and protection and that we would walk more closely with the Lord. Please also pray for our soul-winning efforts and for growth of the church and new converts who have been saved.
We love you and appreciate the sincerity of your love for Christ.

Sam, Krista, Sammy, and Karson Marasco

Pictured below on the right is Gwen Puahanani. On a Saturday morning, Krista and I were the only ones out for soul winning. We decided to take the kids and canvass the cars in the ocean areas. Krista took off in the stroller with Rocky, and Sammy and I went our own way. On the way back, Krista met Gwen who had received an invitation to our church from the Puahala family near a seed shop. She remembered the tract, and Krista was able to lead her to the Lord at the beach.

Gwen came to church the following Sunday. Please pray for Gwen’s growth in the Lord and for our follow-up with her for baptism. Please also pray for another couple of folks, Patricia and Zia, for baptism as well.

The last couple of months, we have seen a total of 15 souls trust Christ as Saviour in our soul-winning efforts. Our church attendance has continued in the forties. We have enjoyed a few visiting snowbirds from the mainland, including Pastor and Mrs. Biggs from Northern Michigan and visitors from Indiana, Alaska, and California as well.