Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Eternal InvestmentsWhat an exciting past couple of months it has been in the ministry, with souls saved and churches established, as well as more on the slate for the future. This has been a most memorable time for us.

I had the privilege of being a part of the ordination council of my dear friend and fellow missionary to Hawaii, Rafael Soto. I had the opportunity to teach and influence Raf at the Friendship Christian School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, over 10 years ago. Upon his graduation from high school, I encouraged him to attend Bible college by purchasing him his first suit if he went. That was one of the best eternal investments I have ever made. The $100 toward a suit has helped to produce a college graduate, now married with beautiful children, who is now geared to start a new church back on his Gospel-needy home island. Please prayer for the Soto family as they embark on this new chapter of their lives and for the establishment of the Kai Point Baptist Church. Rafael is ordained and sent out of the Heritage Baptist Church of Woodbridge, Virginia.

The following week my middle son Rocky and I were able to travel down to Lineville, Alabama, and help Pastor Gerald Heard from Lafayette, Louisiana, with the restart of the Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Part of our help was some sprucing up of an existing building, as well as out distributing the Gospel in the nearby communities for revival services. It was encouraging to have visitors from the community, as well as visitors from other local supporting churches. We had special music from the Souls Harbor Baptist Church in Roanoke, Alabama, pastored by Fred Flowers, as well as preaching by Pastor Heard, Pastor Daniel Pina from Georgia, and me. Please continue to pray for this church to call a pastor, as they have been having a rotation of preachers filling the pulpit. Brother Pina will be traveling from Georgia to have a Spanish Bible study on Thursdays.

After Alabama, the whole family traveled together to Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia for meetings and for a Faith Promise Missions Conference. Krista also had a couple visitors come to church after she and her friend Jennifer were able to lead Fernando and Lalu to the Lord at their door. Please pray for growth and follow-up for these recently saved visitors all over the country.

Please pray for our family to have wisdom with our time during the next couple of months, as well as for new churches we are in the planning stages of helping. Another ongoing prayer request is for God to raise up laborers and pastors for specific cities that are in need of independent Baptist churches.

We are thankful for your investment in our ministry in the work of the Lord.


The Marasco Family