Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  Church Plant in Missouri Is Just Around the CornerWe have had an eventful last couple of months and are excited to share some recent blessings and answers to prayer. To kick off this report, we are ecstatic that our oldest son Sammy, along with his cousins (six-year-old Avery and nine-year-old Alissa), was baptized. Alissa and Avery, who lost their mother three years ago, trusted Christ as their Saviour at our dinner table on May 29. It was a highlight in my ministry to be able to baptize these great kids. In addition to our family trusting Christ, we saw 3 more trust Christ in our personal soul- winning efforts.

The following week kicked off our annual FBMI Candidate School, where I was able to teach a couple of classes, including one on church planting. We had a good time of instruction and fellowship with some of the finest missionaries who are on deputation and also a couple of veteran missionary families.

Between meetings in New York and North Carolina where we presented our ministry, Krista and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I am thankful for a helpmeet who is a wonderful mother and a great wife. I have truly been blessed.

On the way back from a meeting in Florida, we stopped in Georgia for an evening to visit some good friends of ours. We were out in the boonies, cooking out on some land with a camper trailer. A storm rolled in, and the wind blew the canopy apart. My friend Josh Smith and I were trying to put the canopy back together, when all of a sudden, the sky lit up, thunder crashed, and the next thing we knew we were on the ground shell-shocked—we had been struck by lightning. I lost complete feeling in my right arm, and my friend Josh was on the ground, squirming in pain, asking God for help. After several minutes I regained feeling in my arm. We loaded up the kids in the van and got Josh to the emergency room, where he underwent tests. They later admitted him to a burn center and found out that he had some internal burning. The next day they let him go home. After the incident I began to ask Holy Spirit to search my heart, making sure I was right with Him and fully tuned in to Him. A week after the incident, we were given the names “Sons of Thunder.” Please pray for Josh that he will continue to fully recover. Aside from the mental issues that we already had, I think I am fine, and the doctors said that Josh should recover as well.

On August 23, we will head down to St. Louis in order to begin preparations for the Ambassador Baptist Church plant in Fenton, Missouri. Brother Nix has secured a middle school for a meeting place. Please pray for the soul winning and canvassing that we will be doing, as well as for the Grand Opening service on September 20. We have planned to distribute 20,000 Gospel invitations. If you are interested in bringing a group to help distribute the Gospel, this would be a great opportunity in a needy area. Please contact me for more information.

We praise the Lord for those saved during this report, as well as for God’s protection and safety for our families during the storm. Please pray with me for Satan to be bound and for the Holy Spirit to have free realm as we claim this needy area for Christ in this new church plant. I would also ask that you pray for us to secure a portable generator of at least 3000 watts to power our camper when we are away from areas that have hookups. So far I have priced them in the range of $400 and up. Thank you for your involvement and partnership in the Great Commission.


The Marasco Family