Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Another Church Plant!Happy days of harvest! The fall is a beautiful time of the year all across our great country. The fruit of His creation and His wonderful blessing still abound today in spite of our political climate.

During the last couple of months, we’ve had some family growth moments in our lives. We started homeschooling our oldest son Sammy, and our middle boy Rocky turned four years old. Sammy is enjoying learning to read and especially likes his Bible lessons each day. Krista is doing a great job working with him.

Prior to the church plant in Hastings, Michigan, the entire family flew to Los Angeles to meet with a church looking for a pastor in La Quinta, California. This is another great opportunity in this needy region of the Southwest USA, with a core group of believers who are meeting at a school. Please pray that the Lord would raise up a shepherd for this group of people.

After this we were back up in the Midwest, hitting the doors and making preparations for the Grand Opening of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Hastings, Michigan. This has been a unique and encouraging plant in the fact that it is more of a rural area than we are used to. The total population of this area is just over 8,500 souls. With help from other churches and folks, we were able to be a part of the saturation of this entire town with Gospel literature. Rocky and I were able to see a man named Ryan saved while out door knocking, who later came to the Grand Opening as well.

On September 18, there were a total of 55 in attendance, with 4 saved, at the Gospel Light Baptist Church Grand Opening Service. We were able to see a total of 8 saved during our time there. We have had our obstacles, though, in the fact that after the initial meeting place was rented, it was purchased, and we had to move out to a new place two weeks after the Grand Opening. God has blessed with a cheaper meeting place with adequate room, as well as an office space for the pastor. Please pray that those we have invited will find us at our new location, and please also pray that the Lord will give wisdom in establishing the core nucleus of this fledgling church.

Most recently I flew to the Northwest to preach in and be a part of a missions conference north of Spokane, Washington. I was able to be with two other great FBMI missionaries. I was able to preach at the county jail, where 3 inmates trusted Christ as Saviour. During our time there, we were able to see an additional 2 souls saved out soul winning. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him!

Please pray for safety in our travels and for wisdom. I have recently met with our missions director, Mark Bosje, to discuss how we can expand our ministry to help with international church plants, as well as the great need we have in America. It is our desire to be as effective as we can in establishing God’s great institution called the local church.


The Marasco Family