Sam Marasco Prayer Letter:  Aloha From Oahu!We are thankful for another uneventful trek across the continental United States to our final destination. With help, we were able to get a 40-foot container loaded and shipped out, and we were able to escape Northwest Indiana before the polar vortex struck and was able to trap us in its icy grasp. Had we left any later, our travel would have been delayed, and we might not have made our flight to Oahu from California.

We arrived on Oahu and were greeted by Pastor Wayne Surface of Ohana Baptist Church, who also allowed us to stay in the church’s prophet’s chamber for about a week before we were able to get into our home in Ewa Beach. The day after we got into our home, our container arrived, and with the help of a couple of sister churches, we had it unloaded in about two hours. Praise the Lord! As you can imagine, the unpacking has begun, and we are almost settled in.

For the first couple of weeks, we visited most of the likeminded churches and recently have settled into Ohana Baptist until we begin our new work. Pastor Surface has been really intentional in wanting to help churches get started in Hawaii and has made himself available to us. He has already helped us with the incorporation filing of our church, as well as helping us establish as a 501c3.

Our next step will be to find the meeting place that the Lord has for us. I will say, I have been searching for possible meeting places, but with the cost of what buildings go for here, it is going to have to be found by the provision and direction of God. Please pray with us that the Lord will direct us to where He would have us meet.

While we have been looking for a church building, we have been actively ministering and soul winning on our own and with Ohana. Krista and I were able to lead a couple to Christ during the invitation of a church service. The man was originally from the island of Palau and his wife from Detroit, Michigan. It was sweet to be able to lead this couple to Christ as a family. Please pray for their continued growth, as Roman had been sprinkled when he was younger. Of course, this means he needs to be immersed upon calling upon the Lord just recently.

We were recently able to have our first Bible study with our team members, the Stills family, as well as with a couple named the Ridenours and their mother. This couple is from Schofield Army Base. We were able to have a time of food and fellowship around the Word as we looked at the doctrine of salvation in our Grace to Grow discipleship materials. Luke and Hope have communicated that they are eager to be a part of the church when we get started. Please pray for their continued growth, as well as for more families like this, as we develop a core group and get started.


The Marasco Family

Praise Report and Prayer Requests

• We were able to secure housing under our budget.
• We received generous gifts toward our Passage Fund.
• Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people at the new church plant and for us to seek them out.
• Pray for us to be soul-conscious, and pray that God’s power will be evident in our lives.
• Pray for God to supply the items needed for the upcoming church plant: tracts, start-up Gospel invites, and church chairs (approximately $1,800 for 100 chairs).