Sam Heidenreich Prayer Letter:  Typhoon Yolanda Didn't Stop the Lord's WorkDear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Here is an update from Gospel Baptist Church in the Philippines

Progress on Repairs

Three months after the devastating typhoon, we continue to do what the Lord wants us to do. Despite the very low funds to repair property damages, I praise God for people who have the heart to help. We didn’t get to have our annual Valentine’s Banquet this year, because the hall where we used to have events like this is a total mess. Through the generosity of other Christians, however, we were able to buy wood to change the roof. We used the old G.I. (roofing) sheets and put the roof back but completely changed the wood. We still need a ceiling, which will cost about $1,500 to finish. We will continue to work on it as the Lord provides. Our other buildings are still at a halt, waiting for God’s provision. It will take us years to fully recover. We are trusting God to provide our every need.

Trip to the Mission Field

In the month of March, we had the opportunity to visit one of our own graduates serving in Thailand. I was so blessed at the work that they are doing at the Thai-Myanmar border. I had the privilege of preaching most of their services in our two-week stay. I saw a lot of Burmese and an Indonesian get saved. It was a challenge for me to preach with an interpreter, when here in the Philippines I preach in their dialect. Being in the English service was such a blessing; I got to preach without an interpreter. We also got to see the orphanage; my heart was overwhelmed with joy seeing the orphans. This trip was an awesome experience for our children. It was an eye-opener for them to see firsthand what it is like on the mission field. I am praying it will have an impact on our fifteen-year-old son JP. Ashley is already talking about working in an orphanage when she gets older. Seeing them both in full-time work someday would be the greatest thing. What a blessing!

Vacation Bible School

We had our VBS last week. Our theme this year was “Cactus Caravan~Jesus Is Life!” Despite the very hot days, we managed to visit and invite a lot of children on our routes. We rented jeepneys for them to ride on to church. We had many children and taught them stories from the Bible for five consecutive days. During our graduation day, many of them received Christ as their personal Saviour. A couple of parents who came also got to hear the Gospel and got saved. My heart is always glad to see the fruit of our labors.

Souls Saved Through Personal Witnessing and Soul Winning

These past three months we were able to bring 48 first-time visitors to church. We had a total of 1,622 saved through personal soul winning/witnessing. Our Bible studies and Discipleship Program are also growing. I am very thankful for the diligent and faithful workers who never get tired of doing things for the Lord. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, they never stop. They will receive their rewards in Heaven someday. All glory to God Almighty!

Thank You!

I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have for our family and ministry here in the Philippines! Thank you for holding the ropes for us. There are times when the Devil is whispering in my ears, getting me so discouraged and weary. I believe it was through your prayers that I am still on the mission field. It is tough at times and overwhelming, but you know what? Your letters, e-mails, care packages, texts, phone calls, etc. help to keep us strong. You may not know it, but the exact time that a missionary is down, God sends encouragement through His dear children. It may be a card you put in the mailbox or a simple e-mail sent. Those things are special to us always. So to those who take the time to send cards and letters, thank you so much! Thank you also to those who have been interceding before the throne on our behalf. Some of you give up food and spend the night praying for missionaries. Others have sacrificed their finances to make an eternal investment. Thank you! God bless us all in a mighty way!

That all the world may know,

Bro. Sam Heidenreich