Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Visitors Galore!God is so good! This year has just been flying by. We recently had a young man and his wife visit the church from Alice Springs, which is about 1,200 miles away. His name was Chris, and they were down here visiting family and got stranded. When we came to church, they were sleeping in their car in the parking lot. I invited them in and talked to them. I believe they were originally after some gas money, but after staying for the morning service, Chris sweetly trusted Christ as his Saviour and just asked for directions to a campground. Calvary Baptist Church was trying to be a blessing to this new convert, so we bought them a tent and dinner. I don’t know if we will ever see Chris again here on earth, but I do know I will see him in Heaven one day. I hope and pray that God will lead them to a good independent Baptist church.

We want to thank you all so much for praying for more people to have interest in the church. In January we had a family of nine, the Evanses, visit. When they first came in the church, I was a little set back because they looked like poster children for the Mormon cult. He was clean shaven with a nice haircut, and his wife and children were all dressed modestly and were extremely well behaved. Upon further conversation and getting to know Bro. Rodney and Mrs. Cheryl, I found out that they are born-again Christians who are going to a church that no longer has Sunday evening services. He expressed to me that they found out about our church through one of the young people giving him a tract. Bro. Rodney was brought up in an independent Baptist church, and he was saved in that same church. He has expressed that he has been considering changing membership. Please pray for this family to follow God’s leadership in this decision.

In this update I would also like to let you know that Susan, the lady we asked you to pray for in our last letter, has been attending faithfully and even comes to our ladies’ meetings once a month. This is a big deal because she is afraid to drive and has to drive herself to all meetings. Also, her husband does not care for her coming to church as much as she does. Please continue to pray for her, as she comes under harsh criticism from her husband and friends, who have gone so far as to call us a cult.

Please continue to pray for our soul-winning efforts. Hopefully in our next update, we will have some baptisms to report. Thank you for praying for our housing. We have found a house just over one mile from the church in Warragul. We praise God and will start moving at the end of March.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia