Ricky Martin Prayer Letter:  10 Years in IloiloOur 2014-2015 school year has begun! We are excited about the many new students who have enrolled in our Bible college this year. Please pray for them as they seek God’s will for their lives and future ministries.

We enjoyed having my mother-in-law visit for a couple of weeks in June. This month marks 10 years that Brandie and I have been serving here with my parents in Iloilo. God has been so good to us. Our daughter Ava just turned 3 last week. What a joy she is to us! TJ is doing well in school and has started helping out more with jobs around the house.

Thank you for all the birthday cards and wishes sent for my wife and daughter in recent days. We appreciate you all so much!

Our church also recently held its annual missions con-ference, where countries from each continent/region were represented in the International Market. Our staff and students worked hard at making displays and costumes from around the world to bring missions to life for our church members. What a great week we had! To see pictures from our conference, you can look on my wife’s Facebook page.

A Testimony From Pastor Roger Falco

I’m Pastor Roger Falco. Because my parents were farmers, we were poor, but we (my three brothers and I) survived. Someone from Iloilo Baptist College visited us, told us about the school, and asked if I want to study there. But before that, they told me about the Word of God, and I was saved. After one week I decided to go with them to the college. My place is very far from Iloilo; it takes three days by boat to reach Iloilo. When we arrived in Iloilo, there was a youth conference in the church. I was blessed by the message of the speaker and was encouraged to serve the Lord.

Life in Bible school was very exciting, and I felt more privileged, because I understood the life of surrender to the Lord. During my first two years, I accompanied the older students to conduct outreach ministries. Later I had my own ministry to handle, and I was very excited even though my stomach was empty. I experienced some hardships because my parents were trying to stop me from finishing Bible school, but still I continued. I graduated in 1998 from Iloilo Baptist College under the ministry of Pastor Rick Martin. I’m so thankful to the Martins.

I was married to Ailen Francisco in 1999—a little adjustment, but thank God I survived. After that God gave us a little boy we named His Roly John, and after this God gave us another child. We have a happy home. And after the birth of my two kids, God put us into His ministry at Brgy. Agdahon, Cuatero, Capiz. God blessed His work in spite of many circumstances. We had trials, such as health problems, financial problems, and other hardships. God allowed us to extend His ministry at Barangay Kalapasan, Dumarao, Capiz. We are enjoying the ministry of the Lord, because we know that God still provides our needs.

A Testimony From a Member of Pastor Falco’s Church

I’m Merlina Hallegado, a resident of Dumarao, Capiz. We are farmers. We are not rich and we are not so poor we can eat three times a day. I was a person of many vices and I hated persond who tried to make me stop my vices. One time unexpectedly, there was someone who introduced a Bible lesson to me but the requirement was is to attend a home Bible study not so far from my house. I was disgusted at first and ignored because l’m not interested about the lesson and the Bible whom they introduce but some other time they invited me again. They were a group of Baptists led by their pastor, Roger Falco. Not to discourage them again, I decided to attend the home Bible study. From the moment that Pastor Roger Falco delivered a message of salvation, I was guilty of my wrong doing and I realized that I was a sinner that needs to repent, and the penalty of sin is Hell, and the way to escape is Jesus Christ. But before I make a real decision there was so many obstacles in my mind- my vices and the ways of my life. If I receive Christ my vices will be gone. But things to ponder in my mind, Hell is my punishment because of sin. Heaven is my eternal home if I receive Jesus Christ, so I made a real decision to receive Jesus Christ as my personal savior.”

For details on how to support a pastor like Roger Falco, visit ww.globalbaptist.net.

In Christ,

Ricky Martin & Family