Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Visiting a Church in Rural CubaThe months of June and July were busy months. What kept me busy? Soul winning kept me busy. I personally led 12 people to the Lord! I also visited prospects daily, went to the Bible institute at the church in Camaguey, traveled across Cuba promoting the Bible institute, and helped my graduate start a church in his home.

June is the month we celebrate Father’s day. Even though it is not a big day in Cuba, we make much of our heavenly Father.

The church we started in the home of my graduate is going well. Richard, the young man who got saved three months ago, plays the guitar at the services. He composed a chorus himself that he often sings and plays.

I have visited some churches across the island. Most of them are in rural areas. Some are slowly becoming independent, at least in doctrine, but they still need to shake the government off their backs. The other day I made plans to visit one such church located in a rural village. I took a Cuban taxi-cab (an old American car) 25 miles out of our city. The driver dropped me off in the middle of nowhere—I could hardly see any houses. I saw a man on his horse, and I asked him if he knew where the Baptist church was. He pointed to a house and said, “Right there!”

As soon as I arrived, the Cuban pastor began the service. About 20 people were present. We sang, and I preached. One person got saved. I was told that no one ever visits them. One of the families invited me for lunch at their house. It was delicious homemade food—I hope I did not made you too hungry! Back to the spiritual part—needless to say, it was a great service! To God be the glory!

Please continue to pray for:

1. Doors to keep opening in Cuba
2. Our family’s spiritual life
3. Finances

The Leyva Family