Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning, Missions, and GivingFor the past few years, I have been emphasizing soul winning, missions, and giving in my preaching and teaching everywhere I have the opportunity to do so.


A few months ago while making a visit, I met an older lady who was visiting there too, but I didn’t have the opportunity to witness to her. The other day as I was walking, I saw her in the little store she owns, so I stopped to salute her. She was ready to close the store for the day, and she told me, “Don’t leave yet! Let me close the store, and I will make you a cup of coffee.”

After she finished closing the store, she invited me to come in. She made the coffee, and we conversed for a while. Then I began to witness to her! She was a strong Catholic and could not believe that she could be saved without works! Finally, she understood and asked Christ to save her! Amen. Afterwards, she said to me, “God sent you my way today!”

I preached at the church in Camaguey, Cuba, where we have an extension of the Bible institute; and during the invitation 2 people trusted Christ as Saviour.


I preached another time in this same church in Camaguey, Cuba. I gave the invitation to serve God full-time, both in Cuba and in other parts of the world. The response was beyond my expectations; several men and women stood up! I could not help the tears that came to my eyes. I asked them to go home and write down their decision on a piece of paper. I later find out that almost all of them wrote it down.

A church in Mexico that has invited me to preach at other times could not take it anymore on having a vision for the world and organized their first missions conference December 27-29, 2014 (an unusual time for a conference of any kind)! Anyway, I was invited to be one of the two speakers. The attendance for the three days was very good . . . in spite of the season! But greatness occurred during the closing service of the conference. During the invitation 5 people surrendered their lives to full-time service to go wherever God will send them, and they promised to go to a Bible institute to prepare for service. Amen!

Please continue to pray for:

1. Our family’s spiritual lives.
2. Our ministry.
3. Doors to keep opening in Cuba.

The Leyva Family