Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter: Pray for Cuba!December was a slow month ministry wise, but it was not without the spirit of Christmas. Our son was able to come home for Christmas for 12 days. We spent Christmas Eve with a pastor friend and his family. Right before the New Year, our son went back to college.

And then January 2019 came around—a new year! THE YEAR 2019, THE YEAR OF THE REDEEMED! That is the theme for my ministry this year. “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy.” (Psalm 107:2)

Right now we are in Mexico. My wife brought a lady, who was a first-time visitor, to a church we are visiting while we are here. That lady was saved, thank God! She likes the church and wants to keep coming. A pastor friend from another state in Mexico called me, asking me to make a visit to an unsaved relative of a member of his church. I thank God for phone calls to serve and be a blessing. I am thankful that I can be used of God. I made the visit and witnessed to the person. To be honest with you, that person did not get saved, but she agreed to another visit and to visit the church next. The name of that person is now on my daily prayer list. It is my delight and duty to witness and pray for people.


I used public transportation in Cuba. The last few months, there had been several accidents with buses involved. People were killed, and others were badly hurt. Please pray for my safety!


While we are here in Mexico, I heard that a powerful tornado had hit the city of Havana, causing a lot of damage to homes, killing several people, and hurting several others. I called a pastor friend of mind in Havana; and, thank God, everyone I know is fine. Pray for Cuba!

By the time you receive this letter, we should be back in Cuba. I have everything I need to continue serving the Lord there—a lot of Mexican candy for the Cuban children, Gospel tracts, Sunday school materials, and some hot Mexican sauce for myself, Amen!

I am very enthusiastic for this year’s outcome in my spiritual life and ministry. I am praying continually and believing. “It is not so much the greatness of our troubles, as the littleness of our spirit, which makes us complain.” —Hudson Taylor

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva