Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Family UpdateFAMILY UPDATE

It has been over a year now since I gave you an update on my family (my wife, our two children, and me).


My wife’s health: She keeps her diabetes under control with diet, exercise (walking), and taking pills. Last June she had surgery to remove a tumor. The surgery went fine, with no complications, and she is now fully recovered. She stays home, homeschools the children, teaches a children’s Sunday school class at church, and goes soul winning weekly.


Moises was 5 years old when we came to the mission field. He is now 18; he graduated from high school last June. He wanted to go to college this year, but he was short one credit and short on finances to do so this year. In the meantime, he is working a job to save money. He is faithful to church and goes soul winning weekly.


Elizabeth will be 12 years old next month. She has finished the sixth grade in school. She is learning to cook meals and bake pastries. She is also learning to play the flute. She sings in church and goes soul winning weekly.


In every letter I tell you about my work in the ministry. This time I will update you about my health. When my wife had surgery, she needed blood, so I donated blood for her. The hospital did a free full analysis of my blood and gave me a printed copy of the results. The results showed that I am in good health. Praise God!

We are glad to be in the will of God, and we are happy to serve on the mission field!

Please continue to pray for:

1. Our work in Cuba.
2. Our finances.
3. The spiritual lives of our family.

The Leyva Family