Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Evangelizing in CubaIn February, I wanted to travel to Moa, a small city on the far eastern side of Cuba, for an evangelistic crusade; but my contacts there in Moa and in Baracoa advised me to wait because the roads were completely destroyed by the hurricane that had passed by last October, and no repairs had been done since then. So I postponed the crusade until later this year. I will keep my eyes open, though, for the opportunity to go there again. “Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” (Mark 13:33)

Since I don’t own a car in Cuba, I take public transportation everywhere, around town and from city to city. Lately there has been a big demand for public transportation. Traveling from city to city has become a challenge. Now I must purchase a bus ticket at least 24 hours in advance and sometimes up to 72 hours in advance. So lately, my travels have been within a four-hour distance from Habana City, at least until the next Bible institute graduation, which will be around July or August this year in the far eastern city of Camaguey.

Two years ago I was told of an independent Baptist church in the city of Santa Clara. So I began searching for it, but to no avail. Finally, I found it, and it was a great blessing to visit it. It is pastored by a Cuban. It has a small attendance, but it has a great potential ahead. This is the THIRD TRULY INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH in Cuba that I know of.

One of my graduates owns a small piece of land and wants to build a church there but is lacking funds. We are asking for prayer for these funds. More specifically, US$3,000 will build a small church building.

It has been awhile since I had a campaign of passing out literature in the city of Habana. So for two days, two men and I passed out Gospel tracts, John & Romans, and booklets on salvation. All together, we passed out 3,000 pieces of literature. We also had 12 people saved right on the streets as they received the literature.

Please continue to pray for:

1. Family finances.
2. God’s power for preaching and witnessing.
3. The needed funds mentioned about for building a new church.

The Leyva Family