Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter  The Blessing of Hurricane IrmaLast August, our son came from Bible college to visit us on the mission field. He stayed for three weeks, and we were glad to have him after him being at college for a year and a half. He is a grown-up man, but he still loves his mom’s cooking! After three weeks, the day came for him to return to college. We were sad to see him leave, but we knew that he needed to go back to finish college and to prepare for the Lord’s service. And just two weeks after our son left for college, he became a bus captain on a bus route in North Chicago—we are glad that our son chose to serve God.

September was the month we were going to start looking for building materials for the metal roof on the new mission church. In Cuba, there are no big stores to get construction supplies all at once or in a short period of time. Some supplies you may have to get by going from one little hardware store to another, and other supplies you may have to wait days, weeks, or even months for them to arrive in the stores . . . and then go from store to store again searching for them. I know people in Cuba who have been building their homes for years and are still looking for some items to finish their homes.

September was also the month that Hurricane Irma passed throughout most of the island. The province of Pinar del Rio was the only part of Cuba that was not affected by winds and flood, so I put off searching for building supplies for the metal roof for the mission church and began preparing for Hurricane Irma’s coming. Fortunately, the area where we are received very little damage and no flooding. The coastal cities and towns of most of Cuba were severely destroyed. After Hurricane Irma passed, electricity was restored and other services after that.

I want to say THANKS to many who contacted me, asking how we were doing after the hurricane passed. Also, THANKS to Reva A. Conger of Schererville, Indiana, for her donation for the Building Fund and likewise to Calvary Baptist Church of Shelby, Ohio.

And now the best thing about Hurricane Irma: I had met a lady before the hurricane who had cancer and was a strong Catholic. I could not get her to understand salvation by grace. After the hurricane passed, I helped her fix some things at her home. While drinking coffee during a break, I witnessed to her again; and, glory to God, she asked Jesus to save her! Amen!

Please continue to pray for:

1. Our family’s spiritual life.
2. God’s power to preach the Gospel.
3. Our finances.

The Leyva Family