Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter: Answered Prayer!Last February, a Cuban pastor I didn’t know went to the United States to attend the Spanish Servants’ Conference at my home church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, to learn about soul winning and about being a better servant. After I found out about it, I began searching how to contact him. I finally did, and we set up a date for me to visit him.

This past June, I visited him. He lives in the small town of Lopez Pena in the province of Artemisa, about 1 hour and 45 minutes west of Havana. His church meets in an apartment, and he and his family live in the apartment next door. It is a small congregation. Besides the regular church services, they meet regularly for prayer meetings during the week. I spent the night in his home and got to know him and his family. He and I agreed to work together in the furthering of the Gospel in his town and surrounding villages.

A few days later, I received a call from a pastor I know in Havana City. Pastor Alberto Castilla called me and told me, “I have a burden for my country, and I want to start a church in the province of Pinar del Rio.” I rejoiced to hear him speak with such a burden for his country and people, Amen. But I also rejoiced because for the past five months, I have been evangelizing the province of Pinar del Rio and praying about starting a church there. It was as if God spoke to him and led him to call me, Amen. Our plans are to go together in September and begain services in the home of a family he knows.

I had the privilege to lead a man to the Lord while I was walking the streets of Havana. I handed him a Gospel tract, which led to the witnessing, Amen. Most of the time before I leave the house, I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone I can be a blessing to!

Last June after going through the process of approval, I was contacted by my home church with the date for my ordination, July 7, 2019. My family and I flew to the States on July 3, and on Sunday night, July 7, in a beautiful bi-lingual service, I was ordained by Pastor Wilkerson and the deacons of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. It was not in my time; it was in God’s time! By the time you receive this letter, our family should be back on the field!

Please pray for:

1. God’s power for soul winning and preaching.
2. The spiritual lives of my family.
3. Our finances.

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva