Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Another Year Is at an EndIt is December now! Another wonderful year in the Lord’s service is coming to an end, but a new one will be starting right away. For Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending (Revelation 1:8).

Every year we bring to Cuba as much literature (Bibles, booklets, and Gospel tracts) as we financially can and as much as the government of Cuba allows us to. This year 2015 was not an exception. Throughout the year, we brought 300 Bibles, 3 boxes of booklets, and 3 boxes of Gospel tracts to Cuba. In a country like Cuba, no doubt, every Gospel tract is a blessing; every booklet is a blessing; and, needless to say, every Bible is a blessing. Some Cuban pastors have contacted me requesting literature, and it is my privilege to meet their needs with good and sound literature.

The Bible institute currently has six students in the city of Camaguey. The students are in their second year of studies.

Throughout the year, we had someone saved regularly, either by myself, by someone in the family, by one of the graduates, or by one of the preacher boys going soul winning.

Thank you for the notes of encouragement we have received throughout the year and for the birthday cards and emails for the family. Thank you for supporting our ministry another year.


Please continue to pray for:

1. Our family’s spiritual life.
2. Wisdom, power, and love for the ministry.
3. Finances.

The Leyva Family