Ricardo and Maria Leyva Prayer Letter: Back in CubaAfter spending December in Mexico with family and friends, we prepared to go back to Cuba in January. We purchased medicines (a lot of them) to give away to needy Christians—medicines are scarce in Cuba!

When we left the field, Cuba was not requiring anyone to be vaccinated to enter the country. A negative PCR test was the only requirement. Anyway, my wife and I were vaccinated (one dose) while we were in the States just in case something changed. So, we got our tickets and a negative PCR test and flew to Cuba. When we arrived in Havana, we were told that unless we were vaccinated right there with the Cuban vaccine, we would not be allowed to stay, and they were going to send us back. I refused to take the vaccine because the Cuban vaccine is not approved by the World Health Organization. I proposed to them that we do a second PCR test right there in the airport clinic, and if it was negative, they let us go.

While we were talking back and forth, another lady was searching through our luggage. She looked at the medicines and said, “My grandma needs this and this medicine. I said, “Take it! Take it to your grandma!” She grabbed what she needed and asked me, “Are you a doctor?” I said, “I’m a spiritual doctor, a preacher” and immediately gave her a Gospel tract. “Oh, you are a pastor!” she said. She asked us to follow her to the clinic to get the PCR test done. We waited one hour for the results, which came negative, and on we went to our place.

We spent a few days in Havana visiting a pastor I work with, encouraging him and his people. Afterwards, we headed to our city. The first Sunday morning in church, we got to see most of the Christians we know; some stayed home because of health issues. We were so glad to see our brothers and sisters in Christ. Later in the week, I visited the sick and took them some medicines that they needed.

The Situation in Cuba in General

• The schools are open, but the students must wear a mask.
• Churches are open, but those who attend the services must wear a mask.
• The scarceness of basic necessities is still the same, but now the scarceness of gasoline has been added to the list.
• The vaccination of the population is over.

. . . but the preaching of the Gospel goes on—we just adjust to the situation, amen!

Please Continue to Pray For

• God’s wisdom and guidance.
• My wife’s health. The problem from the time she was in the hospital is that her legs get tired easily from walking or standing, and she is often in pain. She is on medicine, but the problem remains.

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva