Peter Morris Prayer Letter:  Pastor Says "Thank you"As I head to Kenya on a survey trip with the McDonald family, future members of Team East Africa, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in other parts of the world where they may otherwise not hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Also, how thankful we are to have churches and individuals who give by prayer and financial offering, enabling us to fulfill God’s call on our lives. In doing so, we fulfill the Great Commission, seeing people saved and discipled and new churches planted, all adding to your account being held by God in Heaven.

Our flight is through Doha, Qatar, a strong Muslim country. We have 13 hours of flying time for the first leg and 5 hours for the second. Is it because we got a very good price when purchasing our tickets that we find ourselves taking this tiring route, or . . . is it because there was to be a divine appointment with a Korean flight attendant named Mickie? I was to find out when I got up to walk around and exchanged pleasantries that her grandmother in Korea had been a Baptist. After hearing a clear explanation of the Gospel, she prayed and called on Jesus Christ to be saved. We exchanged details, and she hopes to visit our church one day when she has a layover in Chicago.

Here is a recent email that was very encouraging. Maybe the reason we travel so far is because of the need? Whatever the reason, may the Lord get all the glory, for through Him all things are possible.

Dear Brother Peter,

Greetings, with full hopes you and your family are fine. Thank you for your support. I have been praying for you and the good work you are doing for us. I remember how you devoted yourself to support me before becoming a national pastor. I thank God Who has given me a gift like yours of being a missionary. I will go back home and prepare my family to come to Kilifi next month. I am praying for your coming to Kenya. I am still discipling the six people. We are in the second lesson on the security of a believer. You are still doing your part to support us. Now it is our duty to ground people well. Bye now. I don’t want to write much, for I will write even 10 papers remembering your good work.

Prayer Requests:
1. The little time you will be to Kenya, welcome me to our service of all churches I have planted in Kisii. You will
encourage them and pray you will enjoy.
2. I request you to meet with my family. My wife wants to thank you for your great love you have shown to us.

Thanks and God bless you.

Remain your great brother,

Our Special Prayer Requests

1. That the McDonalds will confirm the call of God on their lives to serve in the ministry in Kenya and for health for all as we travel
2. That 43 cases of books and teaching materials will clear customs in Nairobi without any problems and free of import taxes
3. For wisdom to deal with the many needs of the national pastors in Kenya
4. That we will continue to see much fruit for our labor in Kenya, shown by the numbers of souls saved, the number of individuals being discipled in correct doctrine, and the number of new churches planted and pastors trained

Thank you, and God bless you for your faithfulness.

Your co-laborers in Jesus Christ

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya, East Africa