Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Faithfulness in Soul WinningThe Lord has allowed me to have faithfulness in soul winning. The Polish brother who was going with me has had some changes in his job situation; but, praise God, he is still able to go with me.

Our church has had some visitors. A man named Andrew came to our services after being gone for many months, and a young man named Paul, whom I met on the streets years ago, has attended again.

Peter has been preaching every other Sunday, and he really is maturing as a believer, even though he has only been saved for five years. He has grown by leaps and bounds through personal study, memorization of the Bible, and soul winning. It has been discouraging to have Peter go witnessing with me week after week and have little fruit. Even though it seems fruitless, we know that none of the work for God is in vain. (Malachi 3:14)

In November, Jolie and I attended a European Missions Retreat in Rottenburg, Germany. This is a yearly event that brings together missionaries from all over Europe for a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement, and strengthening. We get to make new friends and see old ones, and we are always reminded that “a faithful man shall abound with blessing” and to “always abound in the work of the Lord.”

Thanksgiving was a special time when we hosted a special Sunday; we invited many Polish people and served a traditional meal. We had 15 people at our church that day. Peter preached the Gospel. Jolie and Peter’s wife Marta made a delicious meal and beautifully decorated the church hall. A professional arm wrestler, who is a neighbor to our church, came for the first time. I met him years ago and have invited him several times, and he finally came. He told us he had a great time at our Thanksgiving Sunday! He has heard the Gospel from us three times now.

Peter and Marta had friends of theirs from the USA. Steve and Magdalena spend several months here. Steve is American, and Magdalena is Polish. Magdalena sees the errors that the Catholic church teaches and was encouraged by our church of her need for the Lord, as well her husband. This couple is interested in the Bible, though they may not know the Lord personally. It is a blessing because we work hard in witnessing, and finding people who are interested about hearing the Bible and are interested in the things of God is a true blessing. This couple is truly seeking the truth.

It is amazing how God lets us influence Poles living around the world as well as here. We are grateful for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support as we serve the Lord together.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock