Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  The Lord Has Blessed Our MinistriesSweet December to all our friends and supporting churches. Praying friends, may the joy and peace of His love be upon you and your family, the church, and your loved ones. Our God has been so good to us, leading us till today to do His works in carrying the Gospel for His kingdom in Myanmar.

The Lord our God blessed His ministries here in our midst. Last week we had a wonderful conference in Shan State. Brother Peter Ling of Lui Kaw Baptist Church (a small group of people but rich in their faith and commitment for the Lord and their loving God) has been tremendous. The conference had just over 80 people in attendance, but their donations and their offerings given for the new church building were more than 3,000,000 kyats, which equals US$3,000. Thank God that my friend Peter Ling can have his new church building in the new year. In the last service, 13 people get saved, and 7 people will be baptized the following Sunday. Thank God for that. Please pray for this small group of people in Shan State. They speak the Han, Thai, Chinese, and Shan languages. They do not speak Burmese. Some understand a little Burmese. At the same time, I brought two orphan kids from there. We cannot communicate with each other yet, but after a few months, we will be okay.

The works here are blessed by the Lord as a result of your faithful support and prayers. Please continue to keep praying for the college library needs (mainly books), the students, and the right man to be called for the Lord’s ministries who will help me in the future.

We try our best in what ways we can for the Lord’s work. As Christmas Day is nearing to us, please pray for our preparation for that day. Amen. Pray that we can proclaim the Gospel.

The Lord has been so great. The country political condition is changing for the better—much, much better. Our election is going well. The country will open greatly, and we can preach the Gospel as much as we can. Then we can freely win our people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfill His divine call from our Lord. Amen.

Blessings to you all,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church