Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  My God Is Great!My God is great, helping me out, and we have done the job. The buildings can be used for college-class programs, for master’s-degree and bachelor’s-degree programs, and also for our mission-training-school program. God is good all the time,

The one who has greatly helped me out with my works and donated/given in a huge way for the college building, my hero—General Bi Thang—went Home to be with the Lord in Heaven because of lung cancer after the completion of all of the buildings on August 3, 2015. We are so sad because of losing him. Please pray for his remaining family: his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

We took him to Bangkok Hospital. After he got back from being hospitalized for two weeks, he went Home to Heaven. More than 800 people attended his funeral service, plus the federal and state government officials, plus 10 generals and their security people. We had a huge, huge service. This was the biggest service that I have ever seen in my life. I preached the great Baptist message, which was wonderful.

Please pray for the Myanmar ministries. Now the flood is sadly continuing in Chin State, Kalay Myo, and all surrounding states. Please pray for the people here in Myanmar. God bless you.

In His vineyard,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family