Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter:  Continuing to Go ForwardI pray this letter finds you well. By God’s grace, we continue to go forward. God is still saving, and God is still calling. Last week I had the joy of baptizing Rafael and Kellin, a couple who started attending our church last year before we went to the States to treat my wife’s cancer. They attend with their two beautiful daughters and are excited about the Lord. We have studied eight discipleship lessons together, and they are just a joy to teach. (They always have a great snack after the lesson.) He has a giving heart; he paid for a teen-ager to attend camp this month and offered to pay for part of the fence we are building around our church. They are truly a joy to have in our church.

I also baptized Jesus, a young man who has been attending about as long as Rafael and Kellin. A week after his baptism, I performed Jesus’ wedding. He married Monica, a young lady who has attended our church since childhood. They had a “troubled” courtship but have a desire to do right; both have a great attitude and are very teachable. I am looking forward to helping them in their marriage. He is in his sixth year of medical school, and she is in her fifth. I believe God is going to use them in a great way.

We have started construction on our property, however, not in the way that we expected. We intended to start with the main temple, but a month ago, thieves stole three doors from our bathrooms. Because of that, we decided we had better secure our perimeter first. Now we are building a fence around our property. The next thing we are going to build is a storage room, which will also be used as sleeping quarters for whoever stays on the property to guard it. Finally, we hope to start building the temple.

God is good and is opening doors for us. A missionary friend of ours is going to bring a group from a church in Arizona to help us build the foundation of our temple. Please pray that God will continue to provide.

Thank you for prayers and financial support. May God bless you and continue to use you.


Osmin Gutierrez