TAN Newsletter:  A Harvest of Men in Africa!A HARVEST OF MEN IN AFRICA!

Bro. Mark Holmes, FBMI missionary to Nigeria, Africa, wrote, “Still another TAN institute has been launched. This report came from one of our village church plants, Ceto Independent Baptist Church, nearly three hours’ drive from us at Kowa Tarda. The pastor is Bro. Shuaibu Danbeki. I am also happy to announce to you that we have a TAN institute in Calabar, Nigeria, with Pastor Nicholas Wayih of Independent Baptist Church. They have enrolled 28 students and are studying through the first book of TAN lessons.”

Bro. George Menyon, a national pastor in Liberia, Africa, who is currently using the TAN program in his Bible institute, was recently in our FBMI office in Hammond, Indiana. He gave us a fantastic report of his ministry. He is expanding to a new location AND enlarging his Bible institute to train MORE men for the Gospel ministry.

Bro. Richard Hitt, a long-time friend from Texas, called this month to ask if the TAN training program could be used by a national pastor whom he supports in Rwanda. Our office immediately sent him sample materials for him to review. Praise the Lord for this open door!


Recently Carolyn and I traveled to Saginaw, Michigan, for a missionary conference. What a time we had when the Lord met with us! On Saturday, the church went soul winning. In the area we were given, we drove around, praying as we drove and asking the Lord to direct us to the right street to knock. The second house I knocked on was the one that had been predestined by the Lord. This couple was so eager to hear the Gospel and were saved. They came with us to both services and were both baptized Sunday night. Before we returned home, the Lord let us win 7 people to the Lord. What a harvest of souls!

Thank you for praying for our daughters. They are both making good progress. Amen! Thank you for your part in TAN. You are helping us reap a great harvest of souls.

Ed & Carolyn Tutton

Bro. Shuaibu Danbeki, Ceto Independent Baptist Church