Nathan Goodpaster Special Report:  Medical MissionPARTNERED WITH WORLD IN NEED MEDICAL TEAM

Ever since our son’s bout with cancer, Audrey and I have talked of someday conducting our own large-scale medical mission in the Philippines!

That day finally came, and on February 28 and March 1, we were blessed to help conduct a blessed medical mission.

Upon arrival back to the field while checking with our immigration attorney, we found that she was part of an all-Filipino medical mission team with doctor, nurses, and dentist. We gladly scheduled their team of 14 to come work with us.

We treated a total of 414 patients. All heard the Gospel, and 237 of them called on Jesus Christ as Saviour. We had about 40 of our church members serve tirelessly. It was a blessed occasion for many reasons.


We were privileged to serve side by side with Christ-honoring servants. We had 40 church members serving in order to reach our community. Many worked all week prepping for the mission, with some staying up all night. Seven adults took off work, and many teens received special permission with a “proper-excuse letter” to be absent from school to serve in the medical mission. We also had three of our own church members with nursing degrees who were able to put their degrees to use again.

As a pastor, it is thrilling to watch the brothers and sisters in Christ come together, all motivated by a love for God and also a love for their fellow man. I can’t really describe the joy it brings me to see so many giving and serving with their time, talents, and finances. We have selfless servants in Harvest Baptist Church.

The World in Need international Medical Mission did a wonderful job, and we look forward to having them back. Any nurses, doctors, or dentists interested in helping, please contact me. We could use your help next year. (Yes, you can come from America, though this year all were Filipinos.) You can view a brief video at


It was a good and rare experience for me because we were able to share the Gospel with a lot of people by groups, and they were very attentive. Most of them received the Gospel gladly.

Damu good feedback sa aton Medical mission (“a lot of good feedback from everyone regarding our medical mission”)

Nathan Goodpaster