Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: Update on Nathan's Health and La Granja Church PlantThank you so very much for praying for and continuing to support us through our crisis, which happened in February. Nathan arrived safely to America on March 27 and has been helping his mom, as his father passed away in February. He and Audrey were reunited on April 9 and have started their two-month sabbatical as they pray about the future and take time to heal.

Please enjoy this prayer letter from a national pastor and good friend, whom we have been helping in their church plant. We have made several trips to this church and would love to help them buy property. If you are interested, please let us know, and we can facilitate the donation getting to them.

The Yap Family

My family and I started the Grace Baptist Church, La Granja La Carlota City, last September 2020. By the grace of God, we’ve seen the mighty hand of God working in the lives of the people in this place, with the help and encouragement of Harvest Baptist Church and pastors who willingly assist us with this burden. We have had a good amount of people coming these past few months; a big part of those attending include my siblings, my brother’s family, my parents, my aunts, and my grandmother.

It was great to see my two sisters, Pia and Julienne, come out for soul winning with my wife. As a result of this, a few people who had stopped attending church came back. My two sisters are faithfully attending church, and now they took another step to go out sharing the Gospel. This past Sunday, my mom also committed to go out on Saturday to visit our aunt, who is a strict Catholic, and witness to her. Hopefully, she will get saved. The relatives on my mom’s side are very religious and are committed to the traditions and beliefs of the Catholic church.
My mom wants to reach out to them and see them saved.

I believe that my wife and I are called by God to this place to share the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. This especially includes our family and
relatives. We need prayers continually that God will give us the
strength to serve Him!

In Christ,

Rayniel Yap