Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: The Pattison Family Is Launching Out and Starting a Church!Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and King!

We rejoice to report to you all once again. In this prayer letter, we would like to highlight the Chris and Rebecca Pattison family, who have been working with us for the past two years. They have become our very dear friends, especially this year with all that has transpired. It seems that 2020 has pushed all of us closer to Christ, as well as to our brothers and sisters in Christ. The fellowship has been very sweet and each moment of time special.

Both Chris and Rebecca have been heavily involved in many areas of ministry. Chris oversaw our Sunday school teachers, including the development of curriculum. He has also been preaching the Word almost every week, as we share the pulpit duties. He has handled the Word with care and has preached through several books of the Bible. In addition to his teaching ministry, he has also handled new construction projects, especially caring for the day-to-day operations and coordinating with the foreman and paying the men each week. He has also made time to assist the Grace Baptist Church and the Yap family as they have started a new church. Rebecca has taught Sunday school and has also regularly discipled teen girls, having them over to their home nearly every week. God’s hand of blessing has been clearly evident upon the Pattison family. We love them and are thrilled to see the Lord leading them.

The great news is that the Pattison family will be starting their own church. We could not be happier for them and
feel blessed to have been influenced by them these past 24 months. The truth is that we will all miss the Pattison
family dearly. They are the type of Christians who simply serve the Lord without any fanfare or need for recognition. If I’m honest, I probably struggle with wanting to be the star and center of attention. I have learned much from them.

They are scheduled to take a furlough starting this December 2020. If any of you would like to have them in for a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact them at or 951-777-8579. We have been sharpened and are accountable to one another and look forward to continuing our fellowship in the ministry, though, of course, from different churches. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to build His church until His return!

In Christ,

Nathan Goodpaster