Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter:  Return Tickets Purchased, Visa Application Process StartedAirline Tickets Purchased—Please Prayer for Our Visas

What a privilege it is to move forward in serving the Lord in the Philippines again! We are honored to continue in our partnership with each of you. We now have our family’s one-way tickets to the Philippines for July 27, 2018. Emotions are high as we prepare for the many goodbyes we must say to dear family and friends, yet we find joy in contemplating the grand reunion that awaits us in the Philippines with our church family there. We are also heartened to serve as extensions of your ministries. Jonathan had another successful MRI with clear scans in April. He will continue to have follow-up scans for the next 10 years. His doctors at Cincinnati Children’s will monitor his scans for us via email.

We are shipping 15 balikbayan boxes (large boxes shipped by sea at the lowest cost) to the Philippines between now and June. There are also several steps taking place as we are starting the process of applying for our Philippines Missionary 9G Visas again. Please pray, as 10 or more of our documents need to be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate in Chicago before we depart. Thankfully, our church, Harvest Baptist Church of Silay City, will be sponsoring us in this time.

Meetings, New Support, and Evangelism

We have been blessed to have steady weekend meetings throughout this year. Several churches have increased their support level, and last month two new churches started partnering with us! We are currently at 88% support level, but with surprise one-time donors nearly every month, we have been at 100%. We have much for which to praise Jehovah-Jireh! In a recent conversation with our Samaritan Ministries health-care sharing partners, they informed us that Jonathan’s total medical bills had surpassed $1,500,000. By God’s grace, Samaritan has negotiated these bills to half of that and paid all of this, with our family only having to pay a little over $1,500.

While soul winning last week in Cincinnati with a deacon from a supporting church, we were blessed to see one lady call on the name of Jesus Christ to save her. We also had several other folks invite us into their homes as we sowed the seed and ministered to several hurting people. The churches in the Philippines are doing well, and we will give more of an update on those in the next prayer letter. Thank you for your prayer and support. Please be in prayer for our ministry partner, Darrell Bolton, as he recovers from major reconstructive abdominal surgery. He and Joanie are hoping to minister side by side with us on the field for the month of August.

They are both such sweet servants of God, and we are very blessed to have them in our lives.

In Christ,

Nathan Goodpaster