Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter:  New Church Plant and Missions-Emphasis SuccessFruit to Your Account

Kayle is a young man who is new to our church. He had some Christian influence in childhood but has been out of church and away from the Lord for a few years now. It has been a privilege to have a part in helping him come back to Christ through fellowship and discipleship. He is saved and baptized and ready to become a member. Recently, a senior man named Recindo, who faithfully attended our church until poor health prevented him, passed away. At the funeral, we were introduced to his wife Immelda and their adult daughter Darlene, who has been disabled since childhood. We had an immediate connection with them by sharing Jonathan’s story. Both of them have been attending our church for four weeks in a row now and are being discipled by our partner missionary, Rebecca Pattison. I imagine Recindo rejoices from Heaven to see his family faithfully involved in church again. Our assistant pastor, Bro. Mel Veloso, got married to May Ann at the end of October on the island of Mindanao. We were excited for our family to have a part in the wedding and to see the Lord blessing him.

Young Professionals

Our College and Career Sunday School Class, which we started a few months ago, has been growing. Please be in prayer for this group, as it’s no different here than in America. The attrition rates are higher than any other age group. We have a good group of spiritually hungry young adults, most of whom have been in our church since childhood. They have a sincere heart to please Christ, and we pray that we might be an encouragement and help to them in making Christ-honoring decisions during the challenging years they are in.

Missions Emphasis

Our Missions Conference went great at the end of October! I think the biggest blessing I received as a pastor was seeing our people, from young to old, being excited to have a part in the planning, preparing, and putting on of the conference. So many were involved in so many aspects. Our guest speakers and missionaries were a great encouragement to us. The Faith Promise commitment card promises totaled more than enough to add the 3 new missionaries and potentially increase the support of all of our now 11 supported missionaries.

A New Church Plant

We are also blessed to take under our care another national pastor, Bro. Rayniel Yap, who is about to start his first church in a city 90 minutes south of us. We have committed to traveling one weekend a month to this new church plant, as well as to our other church plant pastored by Bro. Jesse Leones. His church is also just an hour south of us and in a direct route to the Yap family. Please pray for and
consider helping the Yap family construct a basic meeting place attached to their house.

Jonathan’s Upcoming MRI

Please pray for Jonathan’s upcoming MRI in Manila, scheduled for the first week of December. We, of course, are always praying for continued good scan results. Of special concern is his safety under anesthesia and freedom from anxiety. Due to the scans of the brain and total spine taking longer here due to older machines, it necessitates two separate days of MRIs to keep him from being too long under anesthesia each time.

In Christ,

Bro. Nathan Goodpaster