Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: Neighbors Being Reached With the GospelWe started December with our first children’s Christmas drama. Seeing the adorable little ones have fun acting out the nativity made for a memorable play, which was much enjoyed by all. We spent New Year’s Eve continuing a tradition that had been put on hold for two years during our absence. We stayed up all night with the young people, having a special time of prayer to bring in the new year and playing a lot of games to keep everyone awake. Our new year started with our introducing the church theme for 2019, “The Year of the Bible.” Members are encouraged each month to be in the Word daily with a new Bible-reading schedule and accountability partners to help keep them faithful.

We have been busy planning for our upcoming medical mission, which will take place at the end of February. Christian doctors, dentists, and nurses coming from Manila have volunteered their time and provided medicines and vitamins. The Gospel will be clearly presented to all who come. We pray that God will use this for His glory to bring souls to salvation and to allow our church to show our community Christ-like love and compassion for their physical needs as well.

We are excited to be welcoming the Boltons back for a one-month stay at the end of February. They have an excellent spirit and a special bond with our church family after how they helped to fill in for us during our medical furlough.

The first room of our Sunday school building will be finished in just a few days. This is our much-needed nursery. We have many babies in church every week ready to put it to good use. Once this is finished, we will immediately move to working on the adjacent classroom with columns and a roof, as the Lord supplies for the need. By God’s grace, we have never yet been in debt from the purchase of the property to building the auditorium. This is an excellent lesson we have strived to teach our people—to live within their means and patiently move forward in God’s timing.

At the beginning of January, Jonathan slammed the tip of his pinky finger in a door and severed 75% of it. Thankfully, the bone was not affected, and a minor surgery fixed it. He did spend a night in the hospital, which we were surprised to see him really enjoy. Due to the excellent care received at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for so long and the special attention he got there, this boy seems to have missed some things about the hospital life he knew before. He definitely was being a willing little patient and charming the nurses
while reveling in their attentiveness to him.

In January, we began reaching out to our neighbors in our subdivision where we live. We invited them to
join us for snacks, fellowship, and a Bible study in our home. It’s something we have been burdened to
do to reach out to them. Several were saved that night; please pray for us as we continue to follow
up with and disciple these new converts.

God has allowed us to meet a few local Filipino pastors who are in need of encouragement and possibly
even some additional theological training. Please pray that we can properly influence them for God’s

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In Christ,

Nathan Goodpaster