Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter:  Jehovah Jireh Land! Jehovah Jireh Land!

All glory to the Lord our provider!!! We thank you so much for praying for our land situation and rejoice that the Lord has heard and answered our prayers! First, let me correct something from our last prayer letter: our church rental contract was actually set to expire on June 1 not July 1. In recent weeks, our church landlord has raised our rent by 25% and had been pressuring us to renew our contract with her for another 12 months at this higher rate. Although our deadline was technically not
until June 1, the landlord has been insisting upon an answer for the
past two weeks. We really were praying to purchase the property across the street from where we are currently renting but were lacking 230,000 pesos ($5000). It got so close to our deadline to leave our current rental location that on Sunday morning, May 15, after much prayer and fasting that week over what to do, our church unanimously voted to move the church into my house by June 1, just temporarily, until we would raise the funds to pay cash.

Not knowing how or when the Lord would provide, we chose to stand on His promises and not renew our contract. That same week on Tuesday morning, May 17, we were notified of a supporter sending $5,000!!! Ironically, that same day we received a final email from the church landlord demanding a final answer to renew our contract by Friday, May 20, or all negotiations were off. God always answers prayer in His perfect timing and, in this case, just in time! Praise the Lord! On May 21, we signed the contract to purchase the property across the street and put down 80% cash. We will pay the remaining 20% as soon as the seller pays the capital gains tax. To God be the glory great things He hath done! We have also kindly notified our current landlord of our coming departure.

Please continue to pray, as there is much to do now in order to raise funds to build a permanent structure. We still need to choose an architect, but we think to build a permanent two- to three-story building will cost $100,000 or more. Thankfully, the only thing that needs to increase is our faith and not the Lord’s ability to provide! Certainly for this pastor, its been a blessing to see the faith of our people grow through this experience, as well as my own. We all had an exciting time of rejoicing together with tears of joy for the goodness of our great God, El Elyon!

In Christ alone,

The Goodpaster Family