Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: Finished Chemo, Boltons and I Making Another TripWhat an encouragement that the Scripture so faithfully reminds us, when we are weak, He is strong! The past year and a half, we have felt at our weakest, but we praise God for revealing His strength to bring us through! God certainly has showcased His strength through the bravery and resilience of little Jonathan. He received his last round of chemo on December 30, 2017. Jonathan will continue to have follow-up labs and MRIs every few months until 2021, when he reaches five years post-diagnosis and the chances of relapse significantly decrease. Thankfully, all of these scans can also be done in the Philippines, with our doctors in America collaborating with doctors there. In the long term, we will need to bring Jonathan back once per year to the States for an annual checkup with oncology and the survivor’s clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We give God praise for literally carrying us through every dark moment of this trial for His glory. Here is a link to a five-minute video update summarizing our past 18 months of family and ministry:

Return to the Philippines

My next trip to the Philippines will be mid-February through early March. There is much to accomplish in order to prepare for the return of our family. It’s exciting to imagine the joy when our whole family finally goes back home to the Philippines this July, after an absence of what has been the longest two years we have ever known. We have contacted some of our supporting churches in Alaska and are praying about stopping by to see and be with them for a couple of weeks on our way to the Philippines. This will be a great opportunity to touch base with these supporters whom we have not seen since deputation.

Ongoing Building Project

It’s thrilling to see how the Lord cares for His church, both spiritually and physically. He has faithfully supplied more money for our Sunday school building to continue construction. We currently have nearly $4,000 of cash on hand to build with. Our faith needs to increase, as surely God’s hand is never limited—we simply must believe! The construction was temporarily delayed due to rain and a need to have time for the foundation to settle but will start again at the end of January. We are very thankful that, by God’s grace, Harvest Baptist Church has never been in debt. The Lord has supplied every need, from initially purchasing the property to building the auditorium, since we first started saving for land five years ago. We chose to take the slow road and pay cash, and it has been very encouraging to see Jehovah-Jireh provide for every need.

The Boltons—Ministers of Great Grace in Our Time of Great Need!

They will arrive once again in the Philippines at the end of January! At the completion of their upcoming trip, they will have spent 10 months in the Philippines, filling in for us in our absence. God has used them to win souls and edify the believers of our church in a special way. The Boltons pay for their own trips on a fixed income, with very few churches supporting them. They are in need of more partners
in order to broaden their influence. Pastors, if you could have them come to your church for a meeting, it would be an incredible
investment for eternity. Please consider Darrell and Joanie Bolton to come share MVP Missions in your church.

In Christ,

Nathan Goodpaster