Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter:  A Tremendous Blessing to Our FamilyOur friends, Darrell and Joanie Bolton of MVP Missions, were a tremendous blessing to our church family. The Harvest Baptist Church of Silay felt very loved and encouraged due to their visit. They helped in many various ways from teaching, preaching, and soul winning to choosing paint colors and facilitating several aspects of the ongoing auditorium construction.

Here is a brief message from the Boltons regarding their recent six-week visit:

“What a blessing it was to help pulpit-fill for six weeks for the Goodpaster family at Harvest Baptist Church. We loved getting to know the members and kept very busy with the ministries of this growing church. In addition to the regularly scheduled church ministry activities on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, we had a men’s meeting, a youth activity, and a ladies’ meeting. We also ministered at a jail and an orphanage. We had a special “Rice Is Nice” promotional Sunday and had many visitors and 16 saved that day! A group of us went to help Harvest’s new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church South Point, by passing out 500 flyers announcing the new church and Bible study sessions. Since the building program was in full swing, we helped supervise, ordered windows, plus made many trips to stores for materials, doors, hardware, and paint. We loved the great spirit at Harvest and the fellowship we had. We look forward to returning in January to early April! We’re thankful that MVP Missions’ ministry is able to help this good church while they go through this trying time with their beloved pastor and family.

We appreciate your prayer support for the Goodpasters, Harvest, and for what the Lord allows us to do!”

-Darrell & Joanie Bolton, MVP Missions

Thankfully, they have already purchased their airline tickets and will be back from January to early

Our church plant in Bago City is getting off the ground. The starting of this church has been quite unique. Due to lack of funds and also a very limited amount of storefront availability in the city, Pastor Jesse has been holding services in the house that he is renting together with a Muslim man. Abeed is from Jordan and is a Muslim from birth, though not practicing now. He has agreed to allow us to start the church in their house. I was blessed to preach the Grand Opening on November 20. Abeed listened intently to my sermon but did not get saved. I also witnessed to him afterwards, but he was not ready to believe on Jesus as the Son of God. The opening service was a success, with 30 in attendance and 3 receiving Jesus Christ as Saviour. Please continue to be in prayer for the Harvest Baptist Church of Bago City.

In Christ,

Nathan Goodpaster