Montana Morrow Prayer Letter:  We Are Being Plugged Into the Ministries!What’s New?

God has provided us with so many opportunities to serve here at Faith Baptist Church. The radio station is now fully on the air. We have several new programs recorded each week. We provide programs for all ages, and we thank God for this ministry. I have been tasked with creating an update video every month for the Imani Feeding Center. It has been a blessing to learn not only the names of the children reached through this ministry but also their stories. Kellie is teaching Mrs. Wyatt’s English Sunday school class while they are on furlough. Kellie loves having the opportunity to teach and be involved in a ministry. I have also added a review time after each lesson in the form of a game. The first Sunday of every month, we split the class up for boys and girls to have their own unique lessons.

Prayer Request

Since August 21, Kellie and I have been learning Swahili, the national language. At times it can be challenging, but we know the value of not having to rely on a translator. God has provided a friend to help us as we study. Please pray for us as we learn and put this skill into practice.


In the month of October, we had a 4-week promotion. Praise God, there have been 400 to 500 people in church each Sunday during this time! We have seen over 89 people saved in the past 2 months! What a privilege it is to work alongside others with a desire to bring the lost to Christ. On October 6, we had a Kids’ Day after soul winning. We enjoyed games and contests, but most importantly, we shared the Gospel. Praise God for 15 who trusted Christ that day! Kellie also celebrated her first African birthday. One family in the church surprised her with a cake and a party. The people here have made us feel so welcomed.

We want to thank God for two new supporting churches: Crystal River Baptist Church in Carbondale, Colorado, with Pastor Darrell Reeves and Fellowship Baptist Church in Marshalltown, Iowa, with Pastor Edwin Hannahs. This brings our support level to 46%!


There is no shortage of things to do here in Morogoro. We love being plugged in to the different ministries. We have been learning how we will best be able to serve alongside the Wyatt family. I have been calling and emailing pastors and churches, trying to fill our 2019 deputation schedule. We believe God wants us back on the field by June 2020 at the latest. Please pray that God continues to provide good meetings as we share our burden for the people here in Tanzania.

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana and Kellie Morrow