Montana Morrow Prayer Letter:  God Supplies All Our Needs!In the last two months, we have had the pleasure of visiting several new churches. Some of these were in our hometown, while others were several hours away. Since we have been out on the road, God has provided above and beyond all we could ask for. We also enjoyed some time together with family and our home church during the holidays. We were able to be a part of our home church’s first Christmas play, and it was exciting to see so many new faces in attendance!

What’s New?

I recently was in contact with Pastor Jerry Wyatt and was excited to hear how God is working in our future mission field. The church is always busy, reaching the people of Morogoro in new and exciting ways. We cannot wait to be a part of the work this coming July! While traveling to different churches, I have truly enjoyed meeting so many kind and wonderful people. I feel I have made many new friends who have encouraged me with their stories and sermons.

Blessings and Answers to Prayer

Praise the Lord! God gave us some unexpected blessings while we were on a family vacation. We had the opportunity to visit a small church, and the pastor generously gave me the opportunity to speak for a few minutes. After the service, one couple gave us a very much-appreciated gift that met some of our financial needs. However, so often we forget how big a God we serve. The following Sunday we attended the same church, and the pastor surprisingly invited me to briefly speak again. After the service, the church took us on for support and gave us a financial blessing that exceeded our needs!


We will be heading to Tanzania by July of this year! Please pray that God will use us to be a help to the people of Faith Baptist Church in Morogoro while the Wyatt family is on furlough. Also, please pray that God gives us wisdom in finalizing our airline tickets and permits!

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana & Kellie Morrow