Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  A Life Surrendered to GodThank you for your faithfulness in praying for our family! We are becoming more aware of the opposition against God’s will concerning us and depend on your prayers. There is no possible way to fit all the blessings and victories in a single prayer letter, but I will attempt to highlight some of them.

One morning my son D___, who is nine years old, asked if he could talk with me in private. As I led him into an empty bedroom and closed the door, he began crying. Thinking he might have done something wrong, I waited for a while and asked him to tell me why he was crying. Barely able to compose himself, he told me that God had spoken to him the night before. He continued to explain that God wanted him to surrender, but he didn’t know how. I had the joy of explaining to my son what it means to live a surrendered life. Once he understood, I left him alone in the bedroom, and David surrendered his life to God.

The next Sunday I preached a sermon on surrender, and three people came to surrender their lives to the Lord. One lady explained to me that God told her that He was going to speak to her if she would come to church. Another one who surrendered was a man who was once a
Muslim. The third person who came to the altar was a man who had never been to church before in his life. Praise God for these dear people who desire to please God with their lives!

On a Wednesday morning, I was hit with severe stomach pains and vomiting. We had to travel to get to the next meeting that evening, and I contemplated canceling the meeting. My wife drove most of the way, as I was hoping and praying my sickness would pass. Not long before we arrived, all my pain was gone. However, right before church started, my son M___ broke his tibia jumping off some monkey bars at the church playground. Thankfully, a family there was a tremendous blessing. They took M___ and my wife to a hospital while I stayed to preach. Praise God for people like the P___ family, who are so willing to help!

In more recent days, our van had some troubles on the way to a meeting. Several lights on the dashboard turned on, and the air conditioning went out. The van still ran just fine. Sunday evening as we were about to leave for church, the van battery died. A church member came to our rescue and attempted to jump-start the van, but it wouldn’t hold a charge; they thought it was definitely the alternator. They gave us a ride to church, and after the church service, many people there gave to help us with our van problems. The next morning a man from the church came to our hotel, found the problem with the van, and fixed it—all before checkout! Praise the Lord! It was just a broken belt, not the alternator! Every church needs a man like R___ the plumber!

One of the soul-winning experiences I would like to highlight is when God brought someone to me who needed to be saved. A young lady stopped by the church where we were having lunch one afternoon, needing a ride to the bus station. Pastor asked me if my wife and I could take her. On the way, I was able to share the wonderful news of the Gospel with her, and she called on Christ to save her. Pray for a 14-year-old young man. I was able to give him a tract a couple days ago and briefly explain the Gospel to him. He shared that the only influence about his knowledge of God was through his friends, who were atheists.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support! Please continue to pray that God would bring us to churches that have a burden to reach the Muslim world.