Missionary #6502 Prayer Letter:  There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel!Thank you for continuing to lift us up in your prayers as we travel on deputation. April and May have flown by, as our schedule has been packed full with meeting in the great state of Arizona.

I’m Pretty Sure It’s Not a Train . . .

We are chomping at the bit to finish deputation and get to the field! It is such a great feeling to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m pretty sure it’s not a train). The countdown has begun in our minds. Every week that clicks by, the excitement and anticipation build in our hearts. There are times when we feel like our hearts are going to burst. Even after 15 years of serving our great King Jesus, I still find it amazing that God has placed us on this path in His service. Serving God is the greatest adventure on earth. Only 5 more months to go!

I Need Your Help . . .

In September I will be flying to the field for a two-week trip to secure housing for my family. Then in November the entire family will be flying over. On top of these travel expenses, we must raise the finances to purchase the rest of the necessary things we will need when we get to the field. I was able to ship over on the container the few things that we already had: our beds, a couch and love seat, our kid’s toys, books, basic kitchen supplies, one dresser, a folding table, and chairs. However, there are still many things we will need to purchase once we get there, things such as a stove, a refrigerator, kitchen table and chairs, dressers for most of us, pots and pans, a washer and dryer, etc. I estimate that we will need to raise $1000 by August, then over $6000 by October. Please prayerfully consider what the Lord might have you to give toward these needs.

Truly Building God’s Kingdom . . .

During the months of April and May, the Lord has allowed me to see 3 people saved through personal soul winning and 1 person saved after preaching a church service. Recently I have noticed several people online who were once soul-winning, independent Baptists but are now Charismatic Pentecostals. They are trying to convince people that now they are truly building God’s Kingdom. I am still wondering what they mean by this. They do not go soul wining. They do not pass out Gospel tracts. Not once have they ever spoken of anyone who has been born again because they personally shared the Gospel with them. Jesus made it clear in John 3 that people must be born again into the Kingdom of God. This only happens if the lost hear the Gospel and we teach them how to be born again just like Jesus did with Nicodemus! They themselves testify to have been saved by the clear Gospel message preached from the mouth of an independent Baptist, yet now they deny that privilege to others and try to convince us to do the same. Do not be deceived. They are NOT building the Kingdom of God! Instead, they seem bent on dividing the Kingdom of God by drawing away already saved people from good, Bible-believing churches into their error and false doctrine. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Let’s keep soul winning! Let’s keep passing out tracts! Let’s keep knocking on doors! Let’s keep on truly building God’s Kingdom for His Glory, Amen!

Prayer Requests . . .

1) Please continue to keep my wife in your prayers as her health is recovering.

2) Pray for our team leader and his family, as they are working on getting their long-term visas, learning the language, and getting the shipping container out of dry dock.

3) Pray that at least 12 more churches will partner financially with us.

4) Pray for us as we are studying and trying to get a head start on the language before we get to the field.

5) Pray that God will provide the necessary funds for airfare and things that will be needed once we get to the field.

PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence should be sent to us through FBMI at 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320. Thank you.

Friend and fellow laborer,

Missionary 6502
Team Eursia