Missionary 6502 Prayer Letter:  Big Year for Team Eurasia!

[column col=”1/3″] Dear Pastors and Friends,

This is a big year for Team Eurasia. In April our team leader and his family will be on the field. Then, Lord willing, we will follow soon after! For safety and security reasons, we will be closing down the Team-Eurasia.com website. We recently had several attempts to hack into the membership side of the site. For a time, the link will still be active, but it will simply redirect to our webpage on FBMI.org.

Just 8 Months …
I have a feeling the rest of this year will go by in a flash as we approach the end of the deputation trail. We are on course to be finished by November of 2014. We have had six churches partner with us financially in February and March, and we are now pushing very close to 70% of our support! Exciting things are happening!

Locked and Loaded…
In February amidst the snow and ice of Northwest Indiana, we loaded all of our belongings onto a 40-foot container! There’s no turning back now! The next project is to raise the needed funds for the plane tickets for the whole family. I estimate that we will need to raise about $6000 by October. Thank you so much to those who have already begun to give toward this need.

God Sure Is Good…
We have been in so many great churches over the past two months. By the time you receive this letter, we will have been in five back-to-back missions conferences, along with several Sunday meetings. In these many meetings, I saw hope for America. It is encouraging to see so many tender hearts for missions and the work of God!

Many young people and adults surrendered their hearts to serve God with their lives. If God is still calling young people from this[/column]

[column col=”1/3″] nation, then that tells me He is not finished with America yet! Although the days are growing dark, it is darkest before the dawn. We may or may not ever see a national revival again, but personal and church revivals can happen, will happen, and are happening. Please, God, send revival to America, and start with me!

[message_box title=”Prayer Requests…” color=”black”] 1) Please keep my wife in your prayers. She has not felt well for the last month or so. She has been very tired and has started to become hypoglycemic. We had some tests done, which showed that her adrenal and endocrine systems were having some problems. The doctor put her on a special diet, along with some herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements. She is doing better, but it will take some time for her to recover.

2) Please pray for our team leader and his family, as they are set to leave for the field in the first week of April.

3) Please pray that there will be no problems with shipping the container.

4) Please pray that many more of the churches we visited last year will be enabled to partner financially with us.[/message_box]

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, all correspondence should be sent to us through FBMI at 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320. Thank you.

Missionary #6502[/column]