Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  President Vows to Have All Missionaries RemovedWe were just getting done with vacuuming the van. Everything was loaded back in, and the vehicle was running. We were ready to pull out to go home and eat some lunch! “Hey, Daddy, there’s a man,” said my son. We had just shortly before gotten done going soul winning. Now there we were, awhile later, and I walked over and gave Paul a tract. As I turned and walked away, the Holy Spirit asked me if I was going to ask the man about the tract. So I did, and much to my surprise, he said that he had been wondering lately about eternal things. What a great joy it was to be able to lead him to Christ. Please pray for Paul to grow.

What a pleasure it was to be able to attend this year’s FBMI Candidate School in Hammond, Indiana. It was held at the same time as their annual Youth Conference at First Baptist Church, allowing us to attend some of that as well. Good reminders, practical teaching, delicious food, and encouraging fellowship made for an uplifting week.

My wife and I were able to play a small role in our church’s Vacation Bible School. Boys and girls were saved, and on the last day, the kids were encouraged to invite their parents. We were able to teach some lessons to the first and second graders and work outside. Our son was able to attend his first VBS and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. It is so fulfilling to be involved in God’s work.

I mentioned our transmission in the last letter. Praise the Lord! We were able to get it fixed. Thank you for your prayers.

On a more serious note, in recent days I have heard of five missionaries who have been asked to leave the country to where we are returning. One family had been there for over 20 years. The report I have received is that they are not hopeful of being able to return. The pressure is coming from the highest levels of government, with President Xi vowing to have all missionaries removed by 2017. Please pray for us and for our team. Please pray for other likeminded, Gospel-preaching missionaries who are still there. Please pray also for the Chinese Christians.

On the practical side of things, please do not post any identifying information regarding us online, whether on a personal website or on a church website. This is not meant to sound frightening but prudent in regards to current affairs. Please ask if you have questions.

As we head into the busy fall season, please pray for safety on the roads and favor in the churches we visit. God has been so good to us! Thank you for your participation in His blessings on us. Thank you for your consistent prayers and support.

Missionary 6011 and Family
Daniel 12:3